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Your engine’s air/fuel mix is really, really, really important. (Really.)

Here’s why:

If you’re running too rich, you’ll get poor performance, lower fuel economy, and increased emissions.

If you’re too lean, it can cause detonation and excessive heat. That means burnt pistons and scored cylinder walls, which will quickly lead to boom, and a very expensive trip to the auto parts store.

AEM Electronics’s Wideband Air/Fuel UEGO gauge kit is here to help you avoid a too-rich or too-lean situation.

Fun Fact: UEGO = Universal Exhaust Gas Oxygen

The gauge lets you keep a close eye on your engine with a hyper-accurate reading of its air/fuel ratio. If something goes awry, you can quickly shut down the engine and avoid catastrophe.

It’s ability to deliver real-time air/fuel feedback makes this gauge an essential tool for proper engine tuning, because it allows you to dial in a precise fuel mix for your engine.

The gauge is an excellent complement to AEM‘s standalone engine management systems, and for vehicles with an aftermarket turbo kit or supercharger.

AEM Wideband UEGO Gauge and Sensor
The Bosch 4.9 LSU O2 sensor installs in your vehicle’s exhaust pipe to deliver quick, precise air/fuel data. The sensor is calibrated at Bosch’s facility, and you’ll never need to adjust it. (Image/Summit Racing)

The kit comes with the gauge, Bosch oxygen sensor with weld-in bung, wiring harness, and a pair of interchangeable faceplates. The gauge’s instructions include a connector pinout diagram and data tables for calibrating the unit’s analog output—handy for using this gauge with a data logger.

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