FORT WORTH, TX — There are only a handful of places in the world to see the kind of museum-quality automotive exhibit on display this past weekend at Texas Motor Speedway.

Goodguys Hot Rod & Custom shows are always among those rare places filled to the brim with vehicular nirvana. Our friends at Summit Racing were the title sponsor for the 25th Lone Star Nationals in conjunction with the performance parts retailer’s grand opening celebration of its brand-new mammoth retail store in nearby Arlington, TX.

Everywhere we looked, we saw something we wanted, but each time we asked our parents to hand over some cash so we could make an offer on one, they told us “money doesn’t grown on trees!” and that maybe we should ask Santa to bring us a new hot rod if we want one so much. There’s only one problem with that, MOM. Christmas isn’t for another three months and we haven’t been very good this year!

Mitigate that musty scent lingering in mom’s basement with this Goodguys photo gallery that will have you updating your holiday wish list faster than you can ask mom to heat up some more pizza rolls.

Check it out.

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(Images/OnAllCylinders – David Fuller)

(Images/OnAllCylinders – David Fuller)