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Goodguys Adjusts Vehicle Age Requirements to Rolling 25+ Year Eligibility Cutoff Window

Over two decades ago, the Goodguys Rod & Custom Association set a hard stop at 1972 for vehicle eligibility in its legendary car show series. Then a few years back, […]

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AMC’s Rebel Machine Showed That Kenosha Could Bring the Muscle Car Fight to Detroit’s Big Three

While the Chrysler takeover of American Motors occurred over a several-year span in the late 1980s, the last day the name “American Motors” was officially used was August 25th, 1988, […]

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Pontiac’s Innovative OHC Sprint Inline 6 Proved That You Didn’t Need to Bring a V8 to the Musclecar Party

In an earlier article on the Crosley Hotshot, we mentioned that it carried a groundbreaking engine with an overhead camshaft. That got us thinking about another innovative OHC powerplant that […]

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Photo Gallery: 2021 Goodguys Summit Racing Nationals Bonus Reel

Columbus, Ohio – Even though it was two weeks ago, we’re still unpacking from our trek down to the Goodguys Summit Racing Nationals. And amidst our gear we found a memory card […]

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Behold the Cosworth Vega: A Chevy Subcompact with a Formula 1 Pedigree

For years, we thought the Cosworth Vega was a mythical creature that existed only in automotive history books. Until we saw one at the 2021 Goodguys Summit Racing Nationals. “It […]

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Check Out This 1972 Honda Z600—It’s All Original & a Former Autocross Champ

Amidst a sea of ground-pounding Detroit muscle at the 2021 Goodyguys Summit Racing Nationals, this pocket-size Honda stood out like a chipmunk running in the Kentucky Derby. It’s easily a […]

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Ever See a 1970s-Era Chevy Caprice with a Roof-Mounted Gooseneck Hitch Pull a Vintage Camper?

We’re guessing no. And that’s the biggest reason why we love going to large regional shows like the Goodguys Summit Racing Nationals, because they bring in a lot of vehicular […]

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This Vintage Manx Dune Buggy is an Homage to Bruce Meyers’ Original Baja-Winning Prototype “Old Red”

“The whole Meyers Manx story could be a college course in industrial design, economics, and law,” says Steve Harman—the guy behind this stunning Meyers Manx tribute car we spotted at […]

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Photo Gallery: 2021 Goodguys Summit Racing Nationals Weekend Recap

Columbus, Ohio – Well…that’s a wrap. Despite a rainy Sunday, the 2021 edition of the Goodguys Summit Racing Nationals was an incredible success. Thousands of gearheads filtered though rows upon […]

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Rare 1974 Chevy Chevelle Laguna Type S-3 Spotted at 2021 Goodguys Summit Racing Nationals—Check it Out!

Any time a vehicle’s name is four parts long, you know it’s going to be rare. So when the OnAllCylinders team spotted a Chevy Chevelle Laguna Type S-3 rumbling through […]