Parts Bin: Hagan Street Rod Necessities Fatties Mirrors

Hagan Fatties Mirrors on Chevy 3100 Truck

This 1953 Chevy 3100 sports a set of Hagan Fatties Mirrors.

Got a classic 1920s to 1950s-era vehicle? Then you probably know a thing or two about blind spots.

Stylish as they are, vintage cars and trucks aren’t known to have excellent visibility from the driver’s seat.

The fix (if you can call it that) had been to graft on clunky late-model side mirrors. That method may have improved visibility a bit, but from a styling standpoint, it left a lot to be desired.

That’s what makes Hagan Street Rod Necessities’ Fatties Mirrors so fab.

Hagan Fatties Mirror

Fatties mirrors heads are compatible with Hagan’s mirror arms, or can be easily adapted to fit your existing mirror stalks. (Image/Summit Racing)

Fatties mirrors offer much-improved visibility in a slick, custom package—we’re talking four highway lanes of vision, no squinting and no headaches. Better still, Hagan’s Fatties Mirrors feature an innovative design to reduce the visual effects of vibration and nighttime glare from headlights.

Hagan gives you over a dozen mirror head options, including round, oval, and square shapes. The mirror heads work equally well in a side- or rear-view application.

The mirror arms are sold separately and are interchangeable with the mirror heads so you can create a one-off look for your ride.

It doesn’t stop with mirrors either. Hagans Street Rod Necessities makes door hinges, LED lighting, brackets, and more.

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  1. Richard Cottingham says:

    Do they have a mirror for the driver’s side that’s not convex? I do not feel at all comfortable with the depth perception of the wide view on the left side of the car

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