Q: What is the proper intake gasket installation sequence for an aluminum intake on a Chrysler 440 engine? Should it be gasket, then valley pan, another gasket, and then manifold? The Fel-Pro gasket set I have has four facing pieces, but the full gasket set only has two intake gaskets and the valley pan. If I use just the two gaskets, do they go against the heads or the intake manifold?

a chrysler 440 big block v8 under the hood of a classics muscle car mopar

A: That’s a very good question. The best way to install the gaskets is the way you described it: gasket, valley pan, gasket, and then intake. However, there isn’t always enough room to do this. The second-best way is: valley pan, gasket, and then intake. In a worst-case scenario, you can just use the valley pan. This will work, but is definitely not ideal. You’ll have to experiment and see which arrangement works best on your particular engine.

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