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Ask Away! with Jeff Smith: How to Ensure a Good Intake Manifold Gasket Seal on a Small Block Chevy

I’m a beginner when it comes to working on engines. We plan to add an aluminum intake manifold to the 350 small block Chevy in my 1972 Chevy C-10 pickup. […]

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Mailbag: How to Fix an Oil-Burning 1989 GMC 1500 4×4 Pickup

Q: The culprit is a 1989 GMC 1500 4×4 with a 350, automatic with overdrive, a 3.42 axle, and over 150,000 miles. It has recently developed a powerful thirst for […]

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Mailbag: Proper Intake Gasket Installation Sequence for Chrysler 440 Engines

Q: What is the proper intake gasket installation sequence for an aluminum intake on a Chrysler 440 engine? Should it be gasket, then valley pan, another gasket, and then manifold? […]