II Much fuel vent systems

II MUCH fuel vent systems provide elegantly simple solutions to a couple of common problems.

Pronounced like “Too Much,” this company’s fuel vent designs help to eliminate fuel spills at the track and mitigate fuel odors in the garage.

The II MUCH fuel vent systems provide filtered air for fuel tanks, differentials, and transmissions with their 40-micron filtration and specially engineered environmental seals.

The primary benefits of these vents are that they allow you to:

1. Relocate your fuel tank venting – which can be particularly helpful in off-road applications to keep the vent from being submerged in water or mud while the robust filter helps keep the lubricants free from contamination.

2. Allow your rear end assembly to breathe – which helps to prevent differential fluid leaks, especially on full-floating axle systems.

The gang at V8 Speed & Resto Shop shot a video for V8TV while installing these in a 1955 Ford Thunderbird, so check that out: