2017 pontiac trans am super duty 455

(Image/The Drive)

A bunch of geniuses at TransAm Depot teamed up with Swedish design firm Zolland Design to once again resurrect the Pontiac Trans Am 455 Super Duty in a 2017 1,000-horsepower missile.

Not unlike the “Bandit” Trans Am the crew built off of the Gen. 5 Chevrolet Camaro, Tallahassee, FL-based TransAm Depot now has its attention on the sixth-generation Camaro platform, and introduced the new Super Duty Trans Am this week at the New York Auto Show.

The sixth-gen. Camaro’s new, lighter weight Alpha platform has industry watchers believing these new Trans Am conversions will deliver excellent performance.

According to Motor Authority, “the engine is based on the 6.2-liter LT1 V-8 found in the Camaro SS but has been worked over by a NASCAR engine builder based in Charlotte, NC, believed to be Arrington Performance. It’s been enlarged to 7.4 liters, or approximately 455 cubic inches, hence the ‘455’ in the car’s name, and has received a Magnuson TVS2300 supercharger that delivers 14 psi of boost. The engine also benefits from a cold air intake, ceramic-coated headers and a 3.0-inch exhaust.”

TransAm Depot will offer both standard coupe and T-top versions.

The new Super Duty churns out 1,046 ft.-lbs. of torque to complement the 1,000 horses it makes.

See an 18-photo gallery from the New York Auto Show here.

Motor Authority visited TransAm Depot last year, discovering that contrary to popular belief, these Trans Am conversions are a lot more than simple body kit installations.

TransAm Depot uses donor Camaros to create its own Trans Ams after licensing the name and logo from General Motors, according to this Motor Authority article and video about the company. On average, around 230 custom parts are used for each conversion. In addition, the engineers at TransAm Depot also install a new powertrain, typically a supercharged V8 crate engine from GM, the story said.

Almost all body panels on the 2017 Pontiac Trans Am Super Duty are new, including carbon fiber units used for the bumpers, fenders, a shaker hood, and rear decklid. All the accessories are also new, including the head and taillamps, and the cars also receive fresh coats of paint.

It may not be the Pontiac we asked for.

But it may just be the Pontiac we need.