With the changing seasons often comes garage reorganization.

Whether you’re preparing to store a vehicle for the winter, planning to spend much of the winter in the garage working on their project vehicle, or doing spring cleaning, staying organized and maximizing sometimes-limited garage space can play a key role in the process.

Today, we’re looking at some useful garage organization tools and equipment that might help you turn your garage into the workspace you want it to be.

A Garage Organization Buyer’s Guide

Folding Tire Loft Storage System


This wall-mounting tire storage system can hold up to 300 pounds of wheels and tires, and folds snuggly against the wall when not in use.

Homak Garage Series Wall Cabinets


Free up your limited floor space with lockable, heavy-duty steel wall cabinets.

Auto Dolly Car Dollies


Easily maneuver your storage vehicle around your garage or shop with Auto Dolly’s car dollies. These American-made dollies have proven their worth time and time again.

Astro Pneumatic Tool Company Portable Work Stands


These portable stands weigh 16 pounds, but can hold up to 500 pounds. Like your very own Ant-Man.

Summit Racing Engine Stands


If you’re going to be pulling your engine and working on it through the winter months, an engine stand like this one will be an invaluable resource.

Pit Posse Diamond Plate Wall Cabinets


These modular diamond-plate aluminum wall cabinets from Pit Posse offer both function and style. Whether you buy one, or 50, these cabinets are an ideal way to organize your garage while also adding to the aesthetics.

Vehicle Lifts


Few things create floor space like vehicle lifts can. Vehicle lifts come in many sizes to accommodate garages with both limited ceiling clearance and restricted square footage, as well as providing extra-tall, and extra-wide lifts for those who can use them.