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They’re Back! Ford Ranger and Bronco to Return, Reports Say

2019 Ford Ranger


To the delight of Ford enthusiasts everywhere, it looks like the midsize Ford Ranger pickup truck and Ford Bronco SUV will be back, after we heard the rumors last summer.

According to Car & Driver, we will see the 2019 Ford Ranger in two years, with a base price under $25,000 and a 3.2L five-cylinder diesel option, which Ford offers in midsize trucks sold internationally. The 2019 U.S. truck will also come with a four-cylinder EcoBoost and a naturally aspirated V6, the report said.

With resurrected Ranger production will come a new Ford Bronco, which is slated for a 2020 release and a starting price around $30,000. The Bronco is expected to compete with the Jeep Wrangler.

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  1. We have this Ranger in Brazil since 2012, the picture shows version afther facelift that debuted this mounth.

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  3. eugene jeffrey fedor says:

    I need no sales pitch. I am a ford believer and buyer from the age of 19. Now I want a Bronco or possibly a 4wheel 150 or a 2 or 350 if available. Am retired vet and have a fixed income. In Cleveland I am now paying for a car from Ganley Ford ,who my family and extended family have been doing business since WW2 or maybe Korea I am not sure for my uncles and father are gone now. Check if you will the names would be Nardi , Bellflower , Coulson , Fedor , Scalish and Gallucci I have spoken to all and with respect they hope to assist me at this time. Other dealers have been suggested but for one a Cadillac isn’t my style. I don’t want to belabor the point, so moving forward I am a retired officer and organizer of Ironworkers local #272 please check as I hope to do this soon. It need not be a 2021 though I will gladly wait for the right deal….thank you

  4. eugene jeffrey fedor says:

    Please look into this. I would be glad to go to Detroit to pick up my Bronco if need be. Being a union official I am the perfect spokesman for Ford members follow my lead and take my advice. This is not said to influence you I am only being honest. Everyone knows I have always been a Ford man. thank you

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