You’ve got great wrenching skills.

You may even have good fabrication or painting skills.

But do you have organization skills?

Most professional mechanics will preach the importance of an organized shop area. Organization is key to productivity, efficiency, and even safety in an automotive work environment. Fortunately, it really doesn’t take much to get your tools organized — just a little bit of time and an even littler amount of money.

Since it’s spring cleaning season, we’ve put together an impressive list of tool organizers that can help you get your garage in order. It’s impressive because all of these items are effective, yet priced under $50! Add them to your workbench, tool chest, or shop cabinet to keep your shop organized and your budget intact.


Genuine Hotrod Hardware Air Tool Rack


This aluminum rack holds up to nine air tools and has a deep shelf for storing lubricants and other bottles. It measures 25½ inches long and 4¾ inches deep.

Price*: $24.95.

Summit Racing Tire Storage Tree


Keep your spare tires organized and save space in the process. The Summit Racing Spare Tire Tree rolls around on six casters, so you can relocate your tires when you need to reorganize your space.

Price: $49.97

Lisle Magnetic Socket Holders


The magnetic design of this socket holder holds up to 28 sockets in place while keeping them exposed for quick, easy size identification. The powerful magnets also keep the socket holder secure in your toolbox drawer or on any steel surface.

Price: $16.67

Performance Tool Bulk-Bin Storage Racks


This multi-purpose storage rack is great for storage loose hardware and small spare parts. It comes with 16 bins and measures about 21½ inches wide — perfect for the top of your tool cabinet or workbench.

Price: $39.97

Lisle Wrench Rack


Tired of rifling through your toolbox drawer for the right wrench? One option is to de-clutter your drawer with this Lisle wrench organizer. It holds up to 13 wrenches in an upright position, making it easy to find the exact tool you want.

Price: $13.97

 Performance Tool Storage Bins


Performance Tool offers another option for organizing and storing small tools and hardware: stackable storage bins. Because they can be stacked vertically or aligned horizontally, they give you greater flexibility to clean up your workbench or tool chest. The set comes with 15 different sized bins.

Price: $20.97

Ernst Manufacturing Screwdriver Rail Organizers


Keep up to 20 screwdrivers organized inside your toolbox drawer. You can trim the rail-style organizer for a custom fit, and its fuel- and solvent-resistant construction will stand up to most anything you can throw at it.

Price: $10.97

Summit Racing Pegboard Panel Combo 2


Who can’t find a good use for pegboard? Summit Racing offers a heavy-duty, steel alternative to a standard pegboard. It comes in 16-inch wide, 32-inch tall sections that include a shelf assembly, screwdriver holder, and assorted hooks.

Price: $41.97

Homak Part Organizers with Drawers


Another great option for small parts and assorted pieces, this Homak parts organizer features clear pull-out drawers and can be stacked in tandem with additional organizers or wall mounted. It measures 10 inches wide and  9½ inches tall.

Price: $14.97

Pit Posse T-Handle Racks


Keep your T-handles mounted to the side of your toolbox or on the wall in your shop. Either way, you’ll always know where you can find your T-handles in a pinch!

Price: $20.97

Pit Pal Hardware Tray


Keep assorted parts organized and ready for action on race day!

This Pit Pal hardware tray features six compartments to keep hardware organized in the garage and a long handle so it can be easily moved around the pits during weekend racing.

Price: $49.97

Genuine Hotrod Hardware Hose Holder


Loose hoses and cords are not only unsightly, they’re also a tripping hazard. Genuine Hotrod Hardware offers this wall-mounted hose holder to keep hoses and cords off the ground and out of the way. It’s made from 18-gauge stainless steel and even has a cool pinstripe design for added style!

Price: $24.97

Ernst Dura-Pro Twist Lock Complete Socket Systems


This all-in-one organizer maximizes your drawer space by accommodating all of your socket sets, ratchets, and extensions. Here’s what you get: (4) 18-inch socket organizers, (1) 3-piece organizer mounting kit, 384 socket I.D. stickers, (15) 1/4-inch socket clips, (30) 3/8-inch socket clips, (15) 1/2-inch socket clips, (2) each 1/4-, 3/8-, and 1/2-inch face-mount ratchet and extension holders, and (2) each 1/4-, 3/8-, and 1/2-inch side-mount ratchet and extension holders.

Price: $49.97

Ernst Manufacturing Toolbox Drawer Dividers


Give miscellaneous tools a permanent home in your tool chest with Ernst Manufacturing‘s tool drawer dividers. The durable ABS plastic dividers yield five separate compartments of varying sizes, so you can better organize your stuff.

Price: $20.38

AED Performance Billet Jet Plate and Module Chip Holder


Small parts can get lost quickly in a messy garage. Fortunately, there are a number of specialty organizers made to safely store and organize parts such as spark plugs, valvetrain components, and carb jets. This carb jet and module chip holder, for example, allows you to put your carb jets in the front and RPM chips on the back side.

Price: $32.97

 *Prices via Summit Racing, and current as of 3/16/2016.
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Author: David Fuller

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