LAS VEGAS, NV. — Somewhere locked away in our video treasure chest, we found this fun little gem—a SEMA Show sitdown with the guys from Roadkill.

Last fall in Vegas, we caught up with David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan and had a casual, but informational conversation about their plans for their popular video series, produced by Motor Trend on its YouTube channel.

Check it out, and you’ll hear Finnegan float the idea of riding a Motoped wheelie directly into a gas pump, ideas for Mount Rushmore, a drive through the New England states, stories about the accidental destruction of neighborhood property, and why Roadkill’s director won’t let the guys work on a 1950 GMC pickup named Pig Pen, which Roadkill fans frequently ask about.

Roadkill isn’t a run-of-the-mill “reality” TV show where, behind the scenes, it’s anything but real-life. “We shoot five days a month. What happens in those five days is what happens,” they said.

Good times. See for yourself.