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Video: An Overview of FiTech EFI Systems


With a growing number of performance enthusiasts choosing fuel injection over carburetion, FiTech Fuel Injection has created quite a buzz by offering throttle body EFI systems at prices as low as what you might pay for a carburetor.

According to FiTech president Ken Farrell, FiTech leverages OE electronics, pairing them with high quality aftermarket street and performance throttle body systems to provide big-power solutions for regular-people budgets. Concurrent with their desire to provide affordable EFI options for average wage earners, Farrell says FiTech is committed to providing reliable performance in a user-friendly package for DIY mechanics.

Sound good?

In the video below, you’ll be introduced to FiTech’s Go EFI systems, including both GoStreet series (400 horsepower), and MeanStreet series (800 horsepower) throttle body systems; and its Power Adder series for purpose-built machines up to 1,200 horsepower. You’ll learn the features and benefits included in each system that will help you decide which might take your carb conversion or fuel-injected project to the next level.

UPDATE: See how to install the FiTech EFi system, and check out our FiTech Go Street EFI FAQs.


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  1. make me a system to work on my 427 chevy tri-power manifold

  2. Make me a system for my commando 225 odd fire

  3. Will it work mounted flipped on it’s side? Like on the front of a 93 LT1?

  4. can you use it for alcohol

  5. Can you get one with a spread bore base for a qjet shaped intake?

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  7. Hello im looking at buying this setup. Im trying to get answer if it will work on my LS I installed in my 73 Camaro with the carburetor intake and MSD set up Thanks.

  8. There is also smaller engines with 2-bbl and 1-bbl, one FI with universal adapter?

  9. I have a 93 GMC 350 with the old first series “soup can” with two injectors. I have been looking at the Eldebrock swap which runs approx 650.o.o with parts and installation supplies. How does this compare with the Edel. Unit……

  10. Bet good promotional sales tool, but what I want to know is since I would be swapping a EFI pot sysyem, and they are talking carb. Replacement, will my stock intake be acceptable.

  11. Shaun curtis says:

    Wondering if you have something for a 258 6cyl in a 84 jeep cj7?

  12. Phillip Hibbard says:

    Would it work on a 4.3 v6

  13. norman curtis says:

    Hello how well wills this work on a good stock running Chevy 350. I have a 350 that is stock carberated with some 50000 + on it. it in a rock crawler that has to run at varies angles that floods out often would this system be able to handle the harsh off road vibrations and angles and perform good.

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