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MEF-100032_cpRace Gas Fuel Concentrate

Sourcing a reliable supply of high-octane racing fuel isn’t easy — or cheap.

Fortunately, Race Gas offers a viable alternative to racing fuel: Race Gas Fuel Concentrate. This fuel additive allows you to transform ordinary pump gas into real, high-octane race fuel. You simply calculate the right mixing ratio, pour it into a tank of ordinary pump gas, and the octane can be raised over 10 points. Two ounces of Race Gas Fuel Concentrate will raise the octane of one gallon of gasoline four full octane points. When properly mixed, 93 octane can be brought up to 105 octane.

Not good at math? has a handy blending calculator that will do the arithmetic for you.

Ordinary octane boost additives raise octane levels by only a few points, making them OK for eliminating pre-detonation. Race Gas Fuel Concentrate goes a step further — and several octane points higher — to increase the chemical energy of the pump gas. This results in better combustion at higher compression levels, ultimately improving engine performance. Race Gas Fuel Concentrate doesn’t include lead or any other harmful additives and Race Gas says testers have logged hundreds of engine hours to ensure it’s safe for O2 sensors and catalytic converters.

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