In today’s video, Mike from Summit Racing highlights the features of Summit Racing-brand TH350 transmissions, which provide a low-cost alternative to new transmissions with more reliability than typical rebuilt trannys.

These Summit Racing transmissions are available for both Chevy and Buick, Oldsmobile, Pontiac applications.

They feature all new internals, including new clutches, Kevlar® bands, bushings, and valve body separator plates, as well as brand new chrome pans and a rebuilt pump assemblies. These automatic/manual valve body transmissions are built to handle up to 400 horsepower on rear-wheel-drive vehicles.

You’ll learn a few tips and tricks on what to watch for when selecting the right transmission for your swap or replacement, including carefully noting your transmission’s tailshaft length, the importance of new torque converters, properly flushed transmission coolers, the integrity of your transmission mounts, and much more.

Watch the video here:

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Author: Matt Griswold

After a 10-year newspaper journalism career, Matt Griswold spent another decade writing about the automotive aftermarket and motorsports. He was part of the original OnAllCylinders editorial team when it launched in 2012.