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Where there’s smoke there’s usually fire.

Let’s hope that’s true with the news surrounding the potential return of three iconic American automobile models.


According to multiple sources, the Barracuda may return as soon as 2019 under the Dodge umbrella. We’ve been hearing reports of the Barracuda’s return for quite some time; however, Motor Authority reported that a Barracuda convertible was shown at the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles dealers convention in Las Vegas.

Automotive News reports the Barracuda will be built on the Alfa Romeo Giulia platform. It is roughly about 7/8 the size of the current Challenger. The biggest question surrounds its engine, since Chrysler will reportedly phase out the current HEMI engine (including the Hellcat) as soon as 2018.

Stay tuned…


It’s not that the Ford Ranger went away completely.

The truck is available in other countries–just not in America.

According to the Detroit News, the venerable midsize truck may be making a return to American dealer lots by the end of the decade. Ford is reportedly in talks with the United Auto Workers union to build the Ranger in Michigan. If the deal gets done, the Ranger would be sold in America and compete head to head with the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon.


The Ford Bronco was discontinued in 1996.

Two decades later, the iconic nameplate may be making a return. Bloomberg News reports that a resurrected Ford Bronco is likely in the near future and would be manufactured at the same Michigan plant as the Ranger. According to the Bloomberg report, the Bronco would be more rugged than the Ford Explorer and perhaps go head to head with Jeep.

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