Editor’s Note: The year 2014 gave us the introduction of the 707-horse Hellcat and the end of the popular fifth-generation Mustang. A sinkhole swallowed up a bunch of Corvettes, and then Mother Earth spit out some rare buried automotive treasure (sort of). At OnAllCylinders, we redesigned the website and welcomed an expanded cast of accomplished automotive writers to our team—all in an effort to better serve our readers. Just in case you missed it, here are our most-popular, most-read articles of 2014—starting with our Top 5 tech posts:   

Ethanol1. The Ethanol Effect: Understanding Ethanol & What You Can Do to Protect Your Ride During Storage

Judging by your comments, you already know about the potential negative effects of ethanol—especially when storing your vehicle. We talked to industry experts about what you can do to protect your vehicle during use and when storing it away. In addition, this article gives you a good idea of why ethanol is particularly bad for classic cars and clears up some misconceptions you may have heard.


Backpressure2. Understanding Backpressure and How to Choose Exhaust Tubing Diameters

What is backpressure? Why is some backpressure necessary for optimum engine performance? This post with video has those answers plus tips for choosing the right exhaust tubing diameter for your application. Essentially, you get answers to two of the most-asked exhaust questions in one post.


Pinion3. Pinion Primer: How to Achieve Proper Pinion Angle and Why it Matters

In this article, Wayne Scraba tells you the “big deal” about pinion angle. From there, he covers the basics of how to achieve proper pinion angle and then answers reader questions in the comments section.


Crossover34. X-Pipes vs. H-Pipes, Part 2

In three years of producing OnAllCylinders tech pieces, no other topic has generated so much interest and debate. That’s why we worked with the Summit Racing technical department to create a follow-up video to our original 2012 post. In the latest post from September, you’ll get the answers to your most commonly asked questions on the subject.


GM V65. Ask Away: Inside GM’s New 90-Degree V6.

Veteran automotive writer Jeff Smith joined our lineup of contributors in 2014. In October, he dove into GM’s new LS-based 90-Degree V6 and provided a good overview of the direct-injection engine. How much power does it make? What about fuel mileage? You’ll have read the post to find out.


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Author: David Fuller

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