Mailbag: Finding a Transaxle & Turbo for a Lotus with a Ford Engine Swap

Q: I have a 1970 Lotus Europa S2. It’s a mid-engined, rear-wheel-drive car. With a little cutting and welding, I managed to take a Ford 302 (bored .30 over) and […]

(Image/Wayne Scraba)
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Shifty Business: How to Install A Shift-Light Tach

Today, big high quality electronic tachometers are a common sight at drag strips and in fast street cars. Modern electronics have turned tachometers into precise and reliable instruments (provided, of […]


Ask Away! with Jeff Smith: Engine-Building Strategies for 700 HP in a ’71 El Camino

I’m asking this for a friend and I know you will have suggestions. He’s building a ’71 El Camino and has decided on an LS swap. He wants 650-700 hp […]

This photo shows the reluctor wheel installed onto the crank, with the installer tool removed. (Image/Mike Mavrigian)
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Installation and Removal Tips for LS Engine 24x or 58x Reluctor Wheels

Any builder familiar with late model engines knows that an engine’s computer control system monitors both camshaft and crankshaft position in order to achieve correct spark and fuel delivery. Many […]

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Mailbag: Tech Advice and Upgrade Recommendations for a ’67 Ford Galaxie

Q: I’m finishing a build on a 1967 Ford Galaxie convertible. Here’s what I’ve got so far: a 1971 351W, bored .030 over, flat top pistons, stock 69cc heads and […]


Ask Away! with Jeff Smith: Bottle Brush Honing vs. Machining Cylinders on Used Engine Blocks

I just bought a used 5.3L iron block engine out of a truck. I’ve decided to put new replacement pistons and rings because I found a set of cheap take-out […]

Video: Measuring Power & Torque Gains From a Cam Swap in a 5.0L Ford
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Video: Measuring Power & Torque Gains From a Cam Swap in a 5.0L Ford

In today’s video, engine builder Richard Holdener is going to show you the dyno results of a previously modified 5.0L Ford engine before and after a cam swap (and unplanned […]


Mailbag: Chevy 350 Engine Tuning for Quicker Launches

Q: I have a Chevy Caprice with a 350 4-bolt main, a 292 Lunati cam with .480” of lift, and a high-rise intake with a 750 Holley carb. My heads […]

Make sure the spark plug is not too short. This photo shows what happens when a too-short 0.460-inch reach spark plug is used in a Vortec head. Note how the electrode is absolutely buried inside the spark plug mounting threads. You can barely see the ground electrode. This absolutely kills combustion efficiency. (Image/Jeff Smithi)

Ask Away! with Jeff Smith: How Much Power Can I Make By Adding Ported Vortec Heads to My SBC Engine?

You did a tech answer around two years ago which was about adding a set of Vortec heads to a small-block Chevy. How much of a horsepower gain could you […]

Introduced in the 2014 C7 Corvette, the all-new LT engine series is the latest iteration of the GM V8.
 (Image/GM Corporate Newsroom)
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LS and LT Engine Reference Guide for the Gen. 3, Gen. 4 & Gen. 5 LS/LT, Vortec/EcoTec3 Engines

Though the dozens of engines in the GM LS and LT families have many similarities, there are significant differences as well—and it’s important to know exactly what those are if […]