Regardless if it’s for a birthday or a holiday, it’s no secret that gearheads are notoriously difficult to shop for—because they tend to be really, really particular about what specific car, truck, racecar, or hot rod gets their motor revving.

In other words, don’t buy a Chevy fan something with a Ford logo on it.

But no worries, because you can always hedge a bit with some general automotive-inspired gifts that any gearhead will love.

Here, let us show you ten of our favorite gift categories—click the headline above each one too see all the gift options you’ve got.


1. Wall Clocks

Harley Davidson neon clock

If you’re lucky enough to know your gearhead’s ride-of-choice, then you can’t go wrong with something like a Harley-Davidson or Mopar clock. But even if you don’t, there are more general options out there with clocks that are branded with, say, a Coca-Cola, Route 66, or NHRA logo.


2. Mugs, Pint Glasses & Assorted Drinkware

Holley Barware Pint Glass Set

Who doesn’t enjoy a long sip of a frosty beverage—or a toasty warm one, depending on the situation. From coffee mugs to travel tumblers, you can’t go wrong with some sturdy drinkware. And again, if you know your gift-getter’s automotive affiliation, you can probably find one with his or her logo of choice too.


3. 1930s Vintage Gas Pump Drink Dispenser

Gas Pump Drink Dispenser

Speaking of drinks, there’s no end to the liquid refreshments you can put in this popular drink dispenser. We know our favorite. But this is a family show, so we’ll let you test and tune all by yourself.


4. T-Shirts

Summit Racing Logo T-Shirt
(Image/Summit Racing)

A good gearhead T-shirt is basically duct tape for your gift list—it fixes anything. From the Chevy Bowtie and Ford Oval to specific performance parts companies, the spectrum of awesome car-person T-shirts out there is immense.

5. Button-Down Shirts

mopar mechanics shirt
(Image/Summit Racing)

Also called “Mechanic’s Shirts” or “Work Shirts” or “Bowling Shirts,” these button-downs are basically a classier version of a T-shirt—and equally comfortable. All that stuff we said about finding a T-shirt with universal appeal applies here as well; you’ve got plenty of awesome button-down shirt options to explore.


6. Folding Chairs

Ford Folding Chair
(Image/Summit Racing)

From soccer games to race tracks to backyard BBQs, the ubiquitous folding lawn chair is, to borrow a cliché, a gift that keeps on giving. And better yet, you can never have enough.

Best of all, like so many other gift ideas on this list, you can find one with a specific car or truck brand, or more general hot rod themes. Heck, you can just get one in a plain, solid color—it’s a winning gift, regardless of the flavor.

7. Hats

man wearing a jeep hat
(Image/Summit Racing)

Take a moment and think of all the car nuts you know that don’t wear hats.

Yeah, we’re guessing that total is hovering around zero—that’s because every sector of the gearhead universe, from off-roaders to racers, appreciates a handy sun hat or ball cap. And you’re in luck here too, because there’s a 100 percent chance of you finding a hat that’ll appeal to each one of them.

8. A Christmas Story Replica Leg Lamp

Christmas Story Leg Lamp

You don’t have to like Oldsmobiles to appreciate a Major Award such as this. And even if your gift-getter unwraps a Leg Lamp outside of the typical holiday season, rest assured that neither one of you will be saying “Ohhhh, Fuuuddge.”

9. Diecast Model Cars & Trucks

1970 Plymouth Superbird Six Pack Diecast Model
(Image/Summit Racing)

If the person on your gift list loves all kinds of cars, trucks, and hot rods—but doesn’t have the space or budget for a fleet of the full size versions—then a scale diecast model is the next best thing. Plus, they can set them on a shelf and not worry about oil drips on their divan.

You may appreciate this article as well: Understanding Scale Sizes & Gauges for Diecast Models, Slot Cars, Toy Trains, Airplanes & Beyond

10. Signs

Lighted Bar Sign
(Image/Summit Racing)

Whether your gift recipient hangs it in the garage, office, or above their mantle, a slick novelty sign is a surefire way to light up a room. And with about a zillion options out there, from weathered tin signs to light up bar marquees, there’s zero chance you won’t be able to find one that’s perfect for the gearhead on your shopping list.

So, did we inspire the perfect gift idea yet?

If you’re still stuck, don’t panic—you can always get ’em a gift card to their favorite Speed Shop.