Electric-powered vehicles are a touchy subject among performance enthusiasts.

So when Harley-Davidson unveiled its Livewire EV electric bike concept, there were no shortages of opinions and criticisms. It’s one thing when Tesla touts electric power, but when an American icon like Harley-Davidson rolls out an electric-powered vehicle—well, that’s a whole ‘nother thing. After all, Harley is the manly man’s bike—a bike known for oozing power and producing a primal growl.

And now they’re going with electric power and whisper soft sound?

How is the hardcore bike enthusiast going to react? And how would that same electric technology play among the muscle car and performance automotive enthusiast? The video below provides a sneak preview as motorcycle nut and car freak Jay Leno gives the Harley-Davidson Livewire EV a once-over and takes a test ride.

You might be surprised by some of this thoughts—give it a watch:

Author: David Fuller

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