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Winter Games (Event #1): Alpine Skiing – Best Handling Vehicle


What is the best-handling car on the planet?

There are many ways to think about this. We settled on rally cars,and chose five that dominate that brand of racing, which we believe to be among the most-dangerous and daring anywhere in the world.

With the more-famous Winter Games taking place in Sochi, Russia, we wanted to take the opportunity to embrace international competition as well.

Only we’re making it all about cars.

We have five cars going for gold.

Which one will stand atop the podium? It’s up to you!

The Contenders

Audi Quattro

audi quattro

No matter which year or generation of the Audi Quattro rally car you prefer, this vehicle has been steady presence at the highest levels of rally racing all over the world since 1980.


Subaru WRX

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

Subaru’s Impreza WRX debuted in 1992 and has proven a potent weapon on the sharp-turned and hilly road courses common on the rally racing circuits.

Nissan Skyline


Image courtesy of

The Nissan Skyline dates back to 1957, and has now morphed into the modern-day GT-R—one of the world’s fastest production cars. You can slide into your own 2015 for $101,770, if you’re willing to settle for the inexpensive base model.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

The Evo showed up in 1992, the same as Subaru’s WRX, but didn’t join the motorsports ranks until 1997 when the car was modified for rally car racing.

Ford Fiesta

2011 Swedish Rally

The Ford Fiesta has been in production since 1976, and has made on-again, off-again appearances on rally racing series worldwide since 1979.


So, which three cars are going to win medals?

Which of these rally cars do you consider the best?

Vote for your favorite in the comments section below!

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