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Subaru Unveils All-New 2022 WRX AWD Performance Sedan

Subaru just pulled the wraps off the latest version of its rally-bred performance sedan, the WRX. Continuing Subaru’s long line of popular all-wheel drive sport compacts based on the Impreza, […]

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Make Some Noise: Optimizing Your Turbo with a Cat-Back Exhaust and Cold Air Intake

As cool as a lumpy camshaft may sound, nothing beats the noises that a turbocharged car makes. From the whistle of the turbo spooling up to the blow-off valve venting […]

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Mud Slinger: How To Replace The CV Drive Axle On Your Subaru WRX

Since the dawn of front-wheel-drive automobiles, the front drive axles have become a weak link and are often in need of replacement on high-mileage vehicles. If you’re more familiar with […]

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Winter Games (Event #1): Alpine Skiing – Best Handling Vehicle

What is the best-handling car on the planet? There are many ways to think about this. We settled on rally cars,and chose five that dominate that brand of racing, which […]