GoPro image courtesy of Vimeo.
GoPro image courtesy of Vimeo.

As expected, GoPro introduced its most-advanced camera ever today.

But the company threw in an unexpected twist by naming the camera HERO3+ instead of the HERO4.

What does that mean for you? Not much. Whether you call it the HERO3+ or HERO4, you’re still getting GoPro’s best product to date.

The newest camera is 20 percent smaller and lighter than the HERO3. The new camera introduces GoPro’s new SuperView™ technology—a new video mode designed to capture incredibly immersive wide-angle shots.

According to GoPro, other new features include:

  • Auto Low Light mode which auto-adjusts frame rate for superb low-light performance
  • A 33-percent improved image sharpness and reduction in distortion
  • Faster built-in Wi-Fi for enhanced connectivity to the included Wi-Fi Remote and GoPro app
  • A 25-percent longer battery life
  • Upgraded audio performance

The GoPro HERO3+ is available in both black and silver.

GoPro cameras are used to capture your adventures from often breathtaking wide-angle perspectives.

Racers use them making passes on the strip. ATV enthusiasts use them to record off-road antics. Autocrossers use them to capture every hair-raising, tire-screeching turn. Motocrossers use them to show what a high-flying act on a dirt bike looks like from behind the handlebars.

So if you want to do this…

…or capture this…

…or share this…

…you can look for GoPro’s latest, lightest, most versatile camera starting today.