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How Do I Identify My Transmission? Your Top Tech Questions Answered!

We recently reached out to the guys in Summit Racing’s renowned tech department—the largest full-time staff in the industry—to identify and answer five common tech questions they hear on a consistent basis. With help from Summit Racing’s tech advisors and other industry experts, we’ll answer those questions here at OnAllCylinders. Today’s topic: transmissions.

The specific question: “What type of transmission do I have?”

It’s a basic question, but according to Summit Racing technical department supervisor Norm Koval, it’s a topic that comes up quite often among customers. It’s also a key question central to your vehicle’s performance, and it needs answered before you can proceed with a variety of performance or maintenance projects.

We have all the confidence in the world that you’ll be able to distinguish between a basic automatic or manual tranny. Now, with help from Koval and the Summit Racing tech staff, we’ll help you figure out which specific automatic or manual transmission plants your vehicle’s rear wheels.

We’ll start with common automatic transmissions.

Automatic Transmissions

Automatic TransmissionSome transmissions may have a code stamped into their case or a tag riveted to them. According to Koval, the easiest way to identify an automatic transmission, though, is by transmission pan shape. “Almost all have their own shape and pan bolt design,” Koval said. “Some are square; others are shaped like Louisiana or Texas or some other comparable shape.”

We compiled a slide show of specific pan shapes and matched them up to their automatic transmission counterparts. Find your pan shape—and ultimately your automatic transmission—in the images below:

GM Powerglide Transmission
TH-350 Transmission
TH-400 Transmission
GM TH-700R Transmission
Ford C-4 Transmission
Ford C-6 Transmission
Ford AOD, AODE, 4R70W: 14 Pan Bolts
E4OD Transmission
Torqueflite Transmission

GM Powerglide: 14 Pan Bolts

TH-250, TH-250C, TH-350, TH-350C, TH-375B: 13 Pan Bolts

GM TH-375C, TH-400, TH-475, 3L80, and 3L80HD: 13 Pan Bolts

GM TH-700-4R, 4L60, 4L60E: 16 Pan Bolts

Ford C-4 and C-5: 11 Pan Bolts

Ford C-6: 17 Pan Bolts

Ford AOD

Ford E4OD and 4R100: 20 Pan Bolts

Chrysler 727/A518: 14 Pan Bolts

Chrysler 905/A500: 14 Pan Bolts

Another way to determine your transmission is by measuring the overall dimensions. The good folks at Summit Racing also provided us with charts for that:

GM Automatic Transmissions
Type1st Gear2nd Gear3rd Gear4th GearOverall LengthBellhousing-to-Transmission Length
TH-3502.521.521.00--27-5/8" *20-3/8"
TH-4002.481.481.00--28-1/4" +26-3/4"
TH-700-R4 & 4L603.061.621.000.7023-3/8" # 22-3/8" #
*With 6″ (short) tailhousing+With short tailhousing#Except Corvette
Ford Automatic Transmissions
Type1st Gear2nd Gear3rd Gear4th GearOverall LengthBellhousing-to-
Transmission Length
C42.461.46 1.00--30-1/2"20-1/4"
C62.461.46 1.00--30-1/2"22 1/2"
AOD2.401.46 1.000.6730-3/4"22-1/4"
E40D2.711.53 1.000.7037-1/2"29-3/8"
Chrysler Automatic Transmissions
Type1st Gear2nd Gear3rd Gear4th GearOverall LengthBellhousing-to-
Transmission Length

Manual Transmissions

Manual TransmissionManual transmissions are a little bit trickier to identify, so we turned to our friends at Hurst, who have assembled a handy assortment of diagrams to help you positively ID your manual tranny. Click on your standard transmission speed below and match your manual tranny to the external characteristics and diagram notes:

Manual Transmission ID

“As you look things over you may notice casting bosses or provisions on your transmission’s tailshaft housing,” Koval said. “Take note of the number and location. Other things to consider: On the main case, where is the inspection cover…is it a side cover or a top cover? How many bolts secure the cover to the main case and is one edge of the cover curved or straight?”

The selector arms will also help you determine the ID of your transmission, according to Koval. “How do the selector arms mount? Are there mounting studs protruding from the side case or are the selector arms secured with a bolt instead?

Using these clues and the diagrams above, you can narrow down the identity of your manual transmission. Once you’ve made a positive ID, your sales rep or tech advisor can steer you in the right direction for transmission replacement components, performance upgrades, rebuild kits, and other items to help harness all your vehicle’s power.

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  2. Richard Schumann says:

    Queation: I have a auto trans out of a ’68 LTD. C9ZP7006A is the code on the side. Is this a C4 or FMX? Thanks.

    • OnAllCylinders says:

      After some research on the interweb, it appears to be an FMX for a 1968 Galaxy.

      • Kevin opphile says:

        Hello I have pontaic trany it has 36 on top 50 on tail. The numbers on side are. 74_p_r 14775 what trany is this

    • Brandon wilson says:

      I have a strange situation, I have a 5 speed manual but on the housing it says hydra matic and a code I’ll have to get that later but I just wanna know wtf is going on

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  4. I have 2 transmissions I cant id. One has a casting number of 304065903 and 3 grooves. The other has a casting number 3088386 and 2 grooves. Help!

    • OnAllCylinders says:

      Ken, we’re stumped on this one as well. We’d suggest a call to our partners in the Summit tech department: 330-630-0240.

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  6. I am looking to Identify a Transmission, KMHGC4DD8, or CU193436. I am not sure how to identify what it is. It is an automatic I believe.

  7. Alfonso Camacho says:

    Im looking to identify transmission casting number 3702602 GM5 d184
    came in a bel air 1954 got a kit to repair it but will not be the same parts I’m very confuse with this situation can you please help me?
    Thank you.

    • Christoper t hall says:

      I have a o6 ford explorer 4wheel drive.eddie.bower adition i would like to know what fromt seal to get for to put it in motor 4.0

  8. Henry calderon says:

    Still didnt answer my question I have a 1956 ford pick up truck with a 302 v8 and automatic
    Transmission pan fed but I’m missing filler tube that screws into the transmission pan I found a number on the case 9-403911 the pan is square with 14 bolts can you please help me Id the type of transmission it is so I can get a filler tube

  9. Henry Calderon says:

    Where do I look for answer

  10. Ben Gentry says:

    Hello, I have a transmission with the letters and numbers of WGT2C-1 , with a manual floor shifter. Can you tell me what it goes to and if it is worth keeping for someone who could use it? Thanks for any help.

  11. Hi there I just purchased a 5 speed manual transmission that is supposed to be for a 2003 toyota corolla. However, the shifter levers are on the front instead of the back. The number stamped in the housing is Z91008601, what transmission is this?

  12. Daryll Keirn says:

    I have one also, I’ was told by a local wrecking yard it is from a ’65 Mustang, Falcon or Galaxy v8, heavy duty? That’s all I know. Mine is in primo condition and for sale minus the side shift levers. If interested call me at 530-626-6043.

  13. Daryll Keirn says:

    Ryan, I just noticed my transmission is missing the B at the end of the C8AR 7006′ so not sure what the B stands for?

  14. Jennifer says:

    I have a 2003 Chevrolet Tracker. Transmission tag ID 02AQ223647. How can I tell if this is the original transmission or a replaced transmission. Thank you!

  15. I am stumped! Have a 7-bolt ( 2 top, 2 mid, 3 bottom) side panel transmission. Date 1-20-67; stamp by plug 2601100; stamp pat “bell” 670370126; stamp on tailshaft 2801097. came out of an impala, but cannot pinpoint if its correct or what kind of transmission it is. 🙁 please help?

  16. jamie leonard says:

    i have tranny came out 84 ford thunderbird needn to know f c5 or aod # are 049085-m1 an e4sp-da

  17. 6278212 transmission what vehicle is it for

  18. I have a 01 grand Cherokee that was a 4.7 now switched over to a 4.0 the tags and the rivet for a tag to id what transmission it is is missing what are other way to determine if i have a 42RE or a 44RE transmission

  19. On my automatic transmission C4/C5 there is a big 5 casted on the transmission body. My servo cover has code E2TP-70027-AA. Are this indentifications that I have a C5 transmission?
    Thank you.

  20. Not sure what transmission I have, I have the following information 350 Transmission: ACDelco, A_TA G, 24209677, Serial No. 10 1019 016

    Any help identifying this transmission is appreciated,


    • We did some quick sleuthing and matched some of your tag numbers to Chevy/GMC trucks made in the mid- to late-1980s, using the GM Turbo-Hydramatic 400 (Commonly abbreviated as TH400 or THM400) 3-speed automatic transmission. A quick check at its pan will tell you if its a TH350 or TH400–see the pics above.

  21. I have a ford gearbox but unsure if it’s a c10 or not casting number on it is DOAP-70027-A and a big R on top of it. 32 spline input and 26 output I think

  22. I’m trying to find the transmission for my 2001Chevy Tahoe how can I find the right numbers?

  23. carlo Dimascio says:

    i just bought a transmission for my 2000 mazda b-4000 it has a 5r55e transmission. I wanted the same one. the place I bought it from said it was it came out of a ford explorer? I bought a new gasket and filter for the pan the filter is the same the gasket is different the bolts don’t line up? please tell me exactly where on that damn transmission I can find the model numbers.thank you

    • Mr. Dimascio, I’m writing to find out how your transmission issue worked out. I, too, have a b4000 Mazda. I also bought a ranger believing the tranny’s were alike…and 1 bolt did not line up. So now I have 2 pick-ups and 2 trannys in my driveway.
      Now for a couple questions: where are Id marks on tranny? How did u ultimately fix your truck? With difficulty find ding replacement , I’m wondering g if I should try rebuilding it instead. Please reply to thank you.

  24. Hi,
    Just pick-up a supposedly C-6 trans. out of a 66′ t-bird.
    The casting # on the drivers side is RF-C6AP-7006.
    I’m putting this trans. onto a 66′ BB 427 fe side-oiler engine
    which is going into my 1961 T-bird. Is this a truly a C-6 & am I going to have any problems with the trans. mounts or the shifting pattern on the steering column ?.

  25. A tag on a transmission Reads RATFH JD5 E4TRMA 0178
    In my Garage and have no idea what it is from it is a standard trans. I hope it is a Chevrolet trans. Thanks

  26. I have a 4speed manual transmission with a case number GM14 3952656 F143, Can I find what type it is and what it might out of.

  27. William D Landers says:

    I’m trying to identify a manual transmission with two sets of numbers 50530 and33141-20091

  28. I have a 1996 F-150 5.0 5 speed manual transmission m50D-r2 I need to know what’s the part number for the shifterforkmanualtrans assembly is

  29. Sam stevens says:

    I have a Chrysler 300 c with a 5.7 the transmission pan is held on with six bolts what kind of trans is it

  30. I have a trans with 8731911 GM on the side where the shiftier is,on the cover.alsoit has a long tail shaftthe no on it areG2656also by itself a 3 then 3707195 on the body of it is GM over a 2 below that 3845122 below thatG2456

  31. I have a 2007 Nissan Xterra I’m trying to see how I’ll know if that’s the original one or a use one how can I tell?

  32. Terry Carbone says:

    Would Like To Know What Trans In My 32 Deuce Coupe
    GM 5 Speed….Number # GM8680834

  33. I have a transmission that came off a 427 big-block I cannot identify the transmission the numbers on the side of the casing is 13 – 04 – 065-094 it has screw in studs for the side plate and has 9 bolts holding the side played on can anybody help me identify this transmission thanks

  34. That’s a great article for beginners like myself who don’t know much about transmission

  35. Jesse Riddle says:

    I have a 1964 Ford Falcon Ranchero. 3 Speed on the column, 260 v8. The transmission is cast iron with the letters HEF BC. What type of transmission do I have? Is it original to the car. What do the letters mean. I believe the HEF means 3 speed, 3.03. but what does the BC mean. I can find nothing about this transmission. HELP!!!!

  36. John Palmer says:


    Vehicle: 1996 GMC K2500 Suburban 7.4 Lt.
    VIN: 3GKGK26J4TG511185

    I need to buy the oxygen sensors and my auto parts store is asking if I have a 4L60-E transmission.

    Doing a web search, I came across your site and would be grateful if you could tell me the type of automatic transmission in my truck. Is it a 4L60-E ?

    Thank you.

  37. I need some help with a ford standard trans. Just wondering what it is for sure. toploader. tag says RAN AN then K022541. What is this? thanks in advance.

  38. What is the difference between a 400 and a 475 th400

  39. I have RATFGHE28 E4TRLA1385 Transmission is this a t56 or what. I need a reverse slider or sync gear with the synco keys and can not find one due to not knowing the proper tranny I have.

  40. GRAEME REID says:

    I have a short manual trans. with the ID 302512-1 6-11.
    10 too6th spline.
    Can you tell me the make & orig. application. Looks like it might fit a small tractor?

  41. I have a 3 speed automatic has these # on tag 557 on top right. 79-cw bottom left and 19325 bottom right how does code out

  42. I have a 4speed granny gearbox pick up truck type tag 12 8 64 Csta*f 11.pto rhs .what does this fit please.Ford. Np4354.10 spline spigot

  43. ed martin here ,i have a 2003 gmc sonoma 2.2 l with a 5 speed muncie transmission.the paper tag on the bell housing reads.GBFH 15045050 muncie *,61 GBFH M149724 can you identify this transmion help please thank you

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