Vortec cylinder head castings first hit the high performance scene in 1996 and provided GM owners a healthy, budget-friendly option for boosting horsepower. According to Summit Racing, Vortec heads still remain a popular choice among GM enthusiasts today.

But are they right for your application?

While it’s true that Vortec cylinder heads will deliver seat-of-the-pants horsepower gains, they also require a few complementary upgrades to fit and perform properly. We’ll help you understand how Vortec heads work, tell you why they’re still a great way to add substantial horsepower, and provide you with an overview of everything you need to make big-time GM power with Vortec heads.

Watch and learn–and while you’re at it, check out the first three installments of Summit Racing Quick Flicks’ Head Games video series here:

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Author: David Fuller

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