G.S. • Mt. Sterling, OH
Q: I have a 2002 Ford Ranger 2.3L, 5-speed. When I drive on flat roads the truck runs fine, but it struggles when I hit hills. Will a computer chip or module help with the lack in power? If so, how much will I notice the difference?

A: Many trucks experience this type of power struggle. To conquer your uphill battle, we recommend the JET Performance Ford computer module. It’s specifically designed for stock to mildly modified trucks, and it’s programmed to increase power under hard throttle conditions like towing, uphill driving, or wide-open throttle. The module optimizes your ignition spark advance and air-to-fuel ratios creating noticeable improvements in throttle response, acceleration, and low-end torque. Best of all, the module is 50-state-legal, and the power improvements won’t affect your drivability or gas mileage.

The JET Performance Ford computer module offers completely plug-n-play installation, so you’ll be conquering the hills in no time, and it also works well with performance exhaust systems, mass air sensors, throttle body spacers, and other modificiations. It can function as a standalone upgrade or set the stage for even more mods later on!