As the racing and cruise-in season begins to wind down throughout much of the United States, it’s about time to start thinking about outfitting your garage with everything you need to complete your off-season projects.

The Summit Racing crew recently delivered their newest Tool and Shop Equipment catalog, and have a ton of tools available for your shopping pleasure, and we encourage you to explore the many options.

We’ve picked out some of our favorite tools to consider as we head into wrenching season.

Sunex Floor JackShop Equipment and Storage

Sunex Tools 3-Ton Floor Service Jack

If you have a jack, you might need another one. If you don’t have one, you need one. This Made-in-the-USA Sunex hydraulic jack features a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty, a lift height up to 19 ½ inches, and a 39 ¼-inch knurled grip handle for non-slip pumping. As safety and user-friendliness go, this floor jack passes the sniff test.


Hand Tools

Titan Flexible Claw Retriever

Pair this bad boy with your magnetic retrieval tools and you will be hard pressed to ever again lose a dropped tool. This flexible claw retriever tool from Titan can pick up non-magnetic parts in hard-to-reach places. It will be your friend.

OTC Hose Clamp Pliers Two-Piece Set

Make clamp removal and installation a breeze with these hose clamp pliers from OTC. The two-piece set features a pair of cross-slotted jaw pliers and wide flat-band hose clamp pliers. These tools work on most ring or flat-band clamps and have swiveling jaws for easier access.

Electrical/Diagnostic Tools

Deltran Battery Tender 4-Bank International Charger

Keep as many as four batteries charged anywhere in the world with this handy, lightweight charger. It weighs less than three pounds and features four 12-volt, 1.25-amp chargers that operate on 100-240VACT, 50/60HZ. This charger is microprocessor controlled and maintains voltage in all types of batteries without any damaging effects.

Engine Tools

LSM Racing Bench-Top Valve Spring Tester

Quickly check an entire box of valve springs with this heavy duty bench-top tester. Measure up to a 1,000 pounds of pressure with this super-tough tester built for daily use.

Keyser Steel PunchMetal Working/Fabrication

Keyser Manufacturing Spring Steel Punch

Punch ¼-inch holes into spring steel with very little effort. This compact, bench-mount punch has a removable two-foot handle and a replaceable punch and die.


Summit Racing Sanding Pads

These nylon scuff pads are a low-cost option for sanding between coats and cleaning upholstery and trim. The general-purpose pads are also idea for scuffing metal and removing surface rust before applying primer. You can rinse and reuse these. Good value, we think.

Body and Paint

Malco Door Hemming ToolMalco Turbo-X-Tools Door Skin Hemmers

This tool makes door skin hemming a one-man job. If metal and body work is your trade or hobby, you should check this thing out.


Tools. You love them. We love them. ‘Tis the season.

Happy shopping.



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Author: Matt Griswold

After a 10-year newspaper journalism career, Matt Griswold spent another decade writing about the automotive aftermarket and motorsports. He was part of the original OnAllCylinders editorial team when it launched in 2012.