man cave tin sign
mopar bar stool
man cave pub table
Larry Grossman lithograph
phillips 76 Filling Station Tin Sign
ford mustang neon wall clock
ford mustang bumper shelf
Toolbox Fridge
texaco gas station pump display case
disc brake coasters
hot rod light switch cover
iJuke Jukebox
Crosley Pay Phone

You've got yourself a man cave--now make it official with a Man Cave sign and many other novelty wall hangings.

Dad doesn't have to hide out at his favorite watering hole to neglect his to-do list. Now he can do that in the comfort of his own man cave with car-themed swivel counter seats and stools. He can settle in and enjoy the 15-inch diameter cushion with his favorite automotive logo or design, heavy chrome-plated legs, and dual footrest rings. The counter seats also have a cushioned backrest with your favorite logo or design for added style and comfort.

This 41-inch tall pub table has a 30-inch diameter top and chrome steel legs with footrest ring--a perfect addition to any man cave.

Introducing fine art for man caves: Larry Grossman Automotive Offset Lithographs. Each one is printed on 80-pound cover stock, measures 19 inches x 25 inches, and features rich, vibrant colors. The artwork depicts classic diner, drive-in, and filling station scenes with your favorite autos of yesteryear.

Inexpensive gasoline may be gone forever, but dad can fondly remember the days of filling his tank (or having someone else fill it) on the cheap with nostalgic filling station signs.

A boring clock for dad's mantuary? Forget about it. Adorn his cave walls with a neon clock and make clock-watching a whole lot more interesting.

Hunters hang moose heads and antlers on their walls. Car guys? We hang our favorite automobile bumpers on the wall. These 3-D Classic Car Shelves recreate the front-ends of your favorite rides and include a display shelf to show off your favorite car collectibles.

Reach into this toolbox and pull out--a frosty beverage! This unique Tool Fridge looks for all the world like a toolbox but contains spill-proof glass shelves, a can stacker/dispenser, and enough room to store two-liter and half-gallon bottles in the door. It measures 37 inches high x 19 inches wide x 23 inches deep.

China cabinets are for dining rooms or kitchens or living rooms--any room but your dad's man cave, really. No, your knick-knacks deserve something more distinctive--like Gas Pump Display Cases.

Finally, some incentive to use coasters on the furniture. These Disc Brake Coasters look cool and are fun to use. They're sold in sets of five, with four coasters and a caliper-style holder.

Turn your outlet covers and switch plates into automotive flair with flamed covers and plates.

The Crosley iJuke Jukebox looks a lot like the one inside Arnold's on Happy Days--except you don't need the Fonz' magic touch to get it crankin'. Nope, this one features the latest technology--iPod dock, CD player, AM/FM stereo--to work and sound perfectly every time.

Sure, you're allowed to bring your iPhone or Droid inside the cave. But this retro Crosley Pay Phone makes old school rotary phones cool, too. Actually, it features push-buttons arranged to look like an old rotary dial and has ringer and speaker volume controls to make it better than the original.

Ah, the man cave.

It’s that magical, happy place where the beer is always cold, the remote control is always within reach, and scratching and belching is not only allowed but encouraged. It’s also the sanctuary—the “mantuary”, if you will—where dads go to escape surly wives, fighting kids, and all things unmanly (no scented candles and frilly drapes, here).

This Father’s Day, help dad put his automotive passion on full display with great man cave items and man cave accessories—manly decorations like neon signs and old hot rod collectibles. Click on the slide show above or keep reading to find 12 great ways you can help dad add a man-sized dose of hot rod attitude to his “mantuary,” courtesy of Summit Racing Gifts Clothing & Memorabilia.

1. Bar Stools and Pub Table
Genuine Hotrod’s stools will help you bring together two of your favorite things: hot rods and cold beverages. They feature the automotive logo of your choice emblazoned on the padding and backrest. We’ve even got pub tables in case space is too tight for an entire bar.

2. Lithographs
The golden age of hot rodding isn’t gone—it’s alive and well on Larry Grossman’s Automotive Offset Lithographs. Grossman’s automobile-inspired work is featured in art galleries, the NHRA Museum, and the Petersen Automotive Museum. Featuring vibrant, detailed depictions of vintage hot rods, filling stations, and diners, these 19-inch by 25-inch lithographs are printed on high-quality 80-pound cover stock to bring some rich culture—hot rod culture—to your cave.

3. Wall Signs and Clocks
If your next door neighbor can use her minivan to tell the world she’s a “Proud Parent of an Honor Student,” you can use your man cave walls to tell people you like Chevys, Fords, Route 66, a frosty cold beer—whatever. Deck your walls with Genuine Hotrod’s seemingly endless selection of nostalgic automotive tin signs, tin and wooden road signs, service station signs, Coca-Cola signs, novelty bar signs, and more—and give your walls some personality!

4. Classic Car 3-D Shelves
Genuine Hotrod’s Classic Car 3-D Shelves are part shelf, part wall decoration, and all conversation piece. The resin detailed sculptures are replicas of some of America’s most famous bumpers—1964 Ford Mustang, 1966 Pontiac GTO, 1957 Chevy Bel Air, and more. Each one is topped with a tempered glass surface, allowing you to use them to display collectables.

5. Die-Cast Collectibles
You can’t bring your ride to your man cave, but you can add die-cast replicas of your favorite vehicle(s) by shopping this huge selection of die-cast cars, trucks and engines. Plus, Genuine Hotrod carries Speed Freaks Cast Resin Sculptures, and other tabletop collectibles.

6. Fridge
Why interact with non-cave dwellers if you don’t have to? Add this Tool Fridge to your man room, and you can grab your favorite beverage without leaving the friendly confines of the cave. The 37-inch high by 19-inch wide mini-fridge will fit perfectly behind your bar, but you may want to put this ultra-cool fridge out on display. It looks just like a toolbox—from its top door lock and heavy-duty locking casters to its metal non-operation drawers.

7. Gas Pump Display Case
Your hot rod collectibles deserve a grand venue for display. Our Gas Pump Display Cases meet that criterion thanks to gleaming chrome accents, illuminated globes, adjustable shelves, mirrored back panels, and overhead opera lighting. The 74-inch-tall gas pump replicas are made from gel-coated fiberglass construction and made in the USA. Put one in your cave, and you’ll practically be able to smell the gas…

8. Coasters
We know… we know—guys don’t worry about setting glasses or mugs on coasters. But Genuine Hotrod’s cool Tire Coaster Set will actually add to the atmosphere of your hot rod-themed man cave, and they’ll keep your tables and bar top in good shape, too. The coasters come in a set with five 4 ¾-inch diameter coasters and a zinc alloy caliper base.

9. Switch Plates
As a car guy, you know it’s the details that make the hot rod. That’s why you’ll appreciate our Brushed Stainless with Acid-Etched Flame Switch Plates and Outlet Covers. They’ll provide that added detail that’ll complete your man cave.

10. Crosley iJuke Deluxe Jukebox
They can’t help you out with the big-screen TV, but Genuine Hotrod can bring some tunes to your man cave with the Crosley iJuke Deluxe Jukebox. This 2:3 scale Wurlitzer replica looks like the ones you’d find in the greasy spoons of the 1960s and 70s, but it includes an iPod dock, CD players, and digital AM/FM tuner. The 48-inch-tall jukebox features color-shifting LED lighting that shines through its arched columns and has a deep mahogany finish.

11. Crosley Replica Pay Phone
Maintain contact with the outside world with this Crosley Replica Pay Phone. This working phone utilizes push buttons that are arranged to look like an old rotary dial. The 18 ¼-inch-tall phone doesn’t require money to work, but it does accept coins and stores them in a lockable bank. Get yours in red, black, or brushed chrome!

12. Popcorn Maker
Whether your favorite auto-themed movie is American Graffiti or Cars, movie-watching will be even more enjoyable with fresh-popped popcorn from this Genuine Hotrod Hardware Movie Time Popcorn Cart. The old-style popcorn cart features a stainless-steel kettle with a built-in stirring system, measuring cups, and kernel catcher to help you create that movie theater popcorn taste. It’s so easy, even a cave man can do it!

Author: David Fuller

David Fuller is OnAllCylinders' managing editor. During his 20-year career in the auto industry, he has covered a variety of races, shows, and industry events and has authored articles for multiple magazines. He has also partnered with mainstream and trade publications on a wide range of editorial projects. In 2012, he helped establish OnAllCylinders, where he enjoys covering all facets of hot rodding and racing.