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Ohio Technical College Opens the Edelbrock Performance Academy

Image/Ohio Technical College

Ohio Technical College (OTC) and Edelbrock announced the opening of The Edelbrock Performance Academy, a program designed to give students a solid foundation in the building and tuning of high performance products.

The Edelbrock Performance Academy at OTC provides students with the skills necessary to efficiently produce a vehicle through planning, installation, and modification of the engine, suspension system, braking system, and drivetrain.

The 12-week, 300-hour course consists of nine different training modules covering intake manifolds and carburetor design, cams and lifters, cylinder heads, computer tuning, fuel injection, forced induction, nitrous oxide, data acquisition systems as well as the history of Edelbrock and the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA).

“It is important for the students to learn and understand the origins of Edelbrock and SEMA,” said Bill Abbott, head instructor of the Edelbrock Performance Academy at OTC. “We constructed this curriculum with help and input from Vic and Christi Edelbrock. So much so, the Edelbrock Performance Academy will share a resemblance to Vic’s own garage–right down to the photos on the walls. The course is offered to advanced OTC students and features training from the school’s High Performance and Racing program. This is a true, hands-on course that’s based on learning through discovery.

The Edelbrock Performance Academy was originated when Christi Edelbrock, Vice President of Business Development at Edelbrock, and Justin Brenner, Director of Corporate Development for OTC, met at SEMA to create a concept of a training course that directly teaches the manufacturer’s catalog product line. The first-of-its-kind course starts a new class every six weeks and will hold up to 12 students each to offer optimum one-on-one training.

(L to R) Jordan Brenner, Christi Edelbrock, OTC President Marc Brenner, Edelbrock Chairman Vic Edelbrock and Justin Brenner celebrate the opening of the Ohio Technical College Edelbrock Performance Academy.

OTC and Edelbrock spent months diligently developing the ideal curriculum and facility to help today’s student technician. OTC learned the Edelbrock philosophy behind its history as well as how its parts are manufactured to create an authentic course, and received direct feedback from Christi and Vic Edelbrock during the planning stages.

“Students gain an advantage in the workforce by completing the Edelbrock Performance Academy and receiving hands-on training using the latest products from Edelbrock,” Christi Edelbrock said. “This course is ideal for those pursuing a career as an engine dynamometer test technician at a performance shop or other tuner positions on a unique builder, race team, or at a specialty aftermarket installer.”

Founded in 1969, Ohio Technical College (OTC) provides students with unique training in a variety of transportation fields. More than 1,000 students are currently enrolled in courses like automotive, diesel, classic car restoration, alternative fuel vehicles, and high performance and racing. Upon completion of the Edelbrock Academy program, the students receive a certificate signifying their specialized, high performance training.

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