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Updated: Parking Lot Engine Swap! Snow Flies…Profanities to Follow?


When we last left our super heroes (Hot Rod magazine’s David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan), they were on their way to Summit Racing Sparks, where they planned to perform a parking lot engine swap on their ’69 El Camino.

The good news: the ailing Elco survived the trip from L.A. to Sparks, NV.

The bad news: it was snowing when it coughed and wheezed its way into the parking lot.

Not ideal swapping conditions, but the show must go on. And we’re predicting the snow squalls will eventually give way to a storm of horsepower courtesy of a BluePrint 383 Stroker crate engine (rated at 420 horses) and other goodies emanating from the warm, toasty Summit Racing store.

We just hope the guys left room for Long Johns and grandma’s hand-knitted mittens inside their toolboxes. Stay tuned…

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