Traditional red and blue automotive fittings aren’t for everyone.

That’s why Summit Racing Equipment, a leading direct-mail and Internet supplier of high performance automotive parts, now offers its own brand of AN hose ends and adapters with a black hard-anodized finish. Designed to increase your underhood “cool” factor exponentially, the fittings are available in two styles:

Swivel-Style Fittings are made from aerospace-quality aluminum. The reusable hose ends have a swivel end that can be rotated to make connections easier to create, The fittings are designed for use with most fuels including alcohol and nitromethane, and are compatible with most brands of AN type braided and smooth hose.

Twist-Tite Fittings are lighter and easier to use than traditional AN fittings. The NHRA-approved aluminum fittings have a socketless barb end—just slip Summit Racing’s Twist-Tite hose over the end and the connection is complete.

The fittings are available in straight, 90-degree, and 45-degree styles and in sizes from -4 AN to -16 AN.  In addition, Summit Racing also offers its own brand of braided nylon and Twist-Tite hose in black to complete any plumbing job.