What’s the secret to Pypes Performance exhaust systems and components? Is it some proprietary design that allows a Pypes exhaust system to reduce restriction and increase power? Is it a highly confidential equation that allows Pypes’ mufflers to produce just the right combination of sound and performance? Maybe.

We think the real secret behind Pypes Performance Exhaust’s success is not a secret at all—unless you think offering a high-quality product at an affordable price is some crazy new idea. Fact is, Pypes has found a way to apply that high-quality, low-price formula to stainless steel exhaust components, and performance enthusiasts have taken notice.

Pypes exhaust systems and components offer all the benefits of typical stainless steel systems. They resist corrosive gasses better than systems made from aluminized steel or other materials, so they maintain their looks and last longer. Pypes simply combined those benefits with a surprisingly affordable price and a lifetime warranty to make them the ultimate in exhaust system value.

Pypes Performance Exhaust stainless steel products also feature innovative designs, increased power output, and performance sound. Pypes makes a whole line of stainless steel products that will add performance to your ride without subtracting too much green from your wallet.

Complete Stainless Steel Systems
Summit Racing offers Pypes exhaust systems in cat-back and header-back configurations for a large range of muscle car applications. In addition to their stainless steel construction—16 gauge 409 stainless steel to be exact—Pypes exhaust systems deliver impressive power gains, a throaty tone, and better fuel mileage. The power and mileage improvements are largely the result of 2 ½-inch and three-inch diameter tubing that has been mandrel bent to eliminate kinks. The result is smooth exhaust flow with less restriction.

In addition, many of the systems include an X-pipe, which synchronizes the exhaust pulses and increases the exhaust scavenging effect. This increased scavenging effect allows the engine to expel exhaust gasses more easily and produce horsepower more efficiently. The reduced restriction from the tubing and enhanced scavenging effect from the X-pipe adds up to dyno-proven power gains. A 1978 Camaro equipped with a Pypes dual exhaust system, for example, produced 185.8 horsepower-a 34 horsepower gain over stock.

Best of all, those power and performance improvements come wrapped in a stainless steel package. In fact, the systems also come with stainless steel exhaust clamps and exhaust hangers so the entire exhaust will resist corrosion and maintain its good looks.

What about Mufflers?
Pypes exhaust systems include your choice of three mufflers: Street Pro, Race Pro, or Violator. The Pypes Street Pro muffler is a step up from stock and is ideally suited for street and strip applications. It features sound chambers that produce a smooth, authoritative sound for the street. Since there’s no sound filler to burn off, the Street Pro will maintain its rich sound quality for the life of the muffler.

The Pypes Race Pro muffler is recommended for high-horsepower street or race vehicles. It uses a straight-through design to eliminate exhaust flow restriction. An oversized, perforated tube is wrapped in stainless steel mesh to produce an aggressive tone at open throttle, yet a basalt acoustic padding material makes the Race Pro Pypes’ quietest muffler at idle and low rpm.

The Pypes Violator muffler is another high horsepower street or race muffler. It allows just as much airflow as the Race Pro but has a more aggressive sound. It uses an oversized, three-inch louvered tube with mini sound deflectors to produce a unique performance sound.

X-Pipes to the Extreme
Another key component of Pypes’ stainless steel system is the X-pipe. An X-pipe evens out exhaust flow from each engine cylinder and allows the engine to breathe more easily. Pypes makes two different styles of X-pipe: The standard X-pipe, which comes on many of its exhaust systems, and the Pypes X-Change X-Pipe.

The standard X-pipe features stainless steel construction with stainless steel reinforcement plates at the welds. The X-pipes are mandrel-bent for maximum flow and come in 2 ½-inch and three-inch diameters.

The X-Change offers all the benefits of the traditional X-pipe, plus increased power potential at the track thanks to built-in exhaust cut-outs. These Pypes exhaust cut-outs are strategically located just after the crossover to allow maximum exhaust flow velocity out of the pipe. The X-Change pipe with capped cut-outs can deliver up to 25 extra horsepower when added to an existing exhaust system. With cut-outs uncapped, it can produce another 15 horsepower for a total gain of up to 40 horsepower.

Pypes also offers downpipes, collectors, exhaust tips, and tailpipes—all in durable, handsome stainless steel. Check out SummitRacing.com to see our complete line of Pypes Performance exhaust products.

Author: David Fuller

David Fuller is OnAllCylinders' managing editor. During his 20-year career in the auto industry, he has covered a variety of races, shows, and industry events and has authored articles for multiple magazines. He has also partnered with mainstream and trade publications on a wide range of editorial projects. In 2012, he helped establish OnAllCylinders, where he enjoys covering all facets of hot rodding and racing.