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Chemistry 101: Exploring Rust Removal and Prevention Options for Your Resto Project


Rust is the archenemy of any restoration project.

Fortunately, the aftermarket has developed some very effective products for battling rust. In this post, we’ll inform you about of these rust-battling options and show you how well they work. We’ll do so primarily though the help of paint and body expert Kevin Tetz, creator of the Paintucation video series.

In one of his latest videos on rust repair chemistry, Tetz teamed with Summit Racing to provide a tutorial for three proven rust-fighting products:

  • SEM Products Rust-Seal allows you to convert existing rust and corrosion to a more suitable surface for refinishing. Rust-Seal transforms rust, leaving a tough, permanent, protective black coating. It can be left exposed or it can be top coated.
  • Metal Rescue Rust Remover Bath easily removes rust from the most heavily corroded iron and steel parts. It’s non-toxic, contains no caustic ingredients or acids, and is eco-friendly.
  • Dry Coat is a rust-preventative liquid that keeps your parts clean and free of corrosion for up to two years. It won’t attract dust or dirt on treated parts, displaces water and oil, and saves you time and money over wrapping methods.

Can these products work miracles on your restoration project? Watch the video to see how they work—and how well they work.

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