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Video: What is Free Gap in a Piston Ring & What Can it Tell You?

Ever heard of “free gap” in a piston ring? It’s a valuable spec to know before assembling your engine, and can tell you a lot about the operating environment inside […]

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Parts Bin: Get Consistent, Precise Ring Gaps Time After Time Using a Summit Racing Pro Ring Filer

Any engine builder will tell you that precise piston ring gaps are a vital component of a performance engine. And while we’ve already talked about its manual piston ring tool, […]

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Precision Ring Filing – A Slick Tool to Set Piston Ring Gap

File-to-fit piston rings are common today. Typically, they begin with a ring set that has the top (and often the second) ring manufactured with a diameter 0.005 inch larger than […]

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Ask Away! with Jeff Smith: Calculating and Setting Piston Ring Gap for Your Engine Build

I’m currently checking the gaps on a new set of first and second rings. I’m not building an all-out drag race motor, but have plans to be a weekend warrior. […]