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1968 Ford Mustang Eleanor tribute
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Leading Lady: Aaron and Lauren Miller’s 1968 Mustang Eleanor Tribute

It’s a Hollywood fairytale—a supporting actress comes out of nowhere, steals the spotlight, and becomes the star of the movie. So it was in the year 2000, when “Eleanor”—the iconic […]

Phantasm Cuda
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Wicked Rides: Our Top 10 Obscure Horror/Sci-Fi Cars

While we were binge-watching Stranger Things last night, the OnAllCylinders staff noticed how important the role cars have in the series. Whether it’s Hopper’s trusty Blazer, Joyce’s humble Pinto, or […]

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EXCLUSIVE: See All 7 Cars Featured in the New Summit Racing Movie!

The wait is over. For months, countless fans and customers have lit up the phone lines of Summit Racing’s sales and tech departments, asking about something other than new parts […]

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Time Travelling: DeLorean and ‘Back to the Future’ 30 Years Later

Most of us had never seen anything like it. It was part sports car, part spaceship, backing out of the trailer onto the Twin Pines Mall parking lot in the […]

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Photo Gallery: Dissecting the Cars of Mad Max: Fury Road

Mad Max: Fury Road, the latest in the Mad Max series, debuts in theaters tomorrow. While the movie itself looks plenty cool, we’re excited to watch some of the 150-plus modified […]

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The Best Mob Movie Cars: The James Gandolfini Edition

So, we’ve lost Tony Soprano twice. It was a tragedy the first time, when HBO’s The Sopranos—which in this writer’s opinion, changed television forever—ended in ambiguous fashion in 2007. And […]

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Your 10 Favorite Movie Cars—Ever

You spoke. We listened. When we presented our 10 favorite movie cars about a month ago, we wanted to have some fun and get the conversation started. And you guys […]

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Our 10 Favorite Movie Cars—Ever

A countless number of incredible cars have graced the silver screen. It’s impossible to recall from memory just how many great ones there have been, and even more impossible to […]