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5.7L LS Engine Guide: Block Specs, Swap Resources & Build Info

Throughout its long production run, the venerable GM LS engine came from the factory in a wide range of displacements, from a modest 4.8L to a whopping 7.0L. So if […]

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Ask Away! with Jeff Smith: Getting to 400+ Horsepower in an LS1-Equipped Fourth-Gen Camaro

I have a 2000 fourth-gen Camaro with an LS1 and a six-speed that I just bought. The car runs great—but now that I’ve had it for awhile, I’d like to […]

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Mailbag: Basic Advice for Swapping an LS1 into a ’75 Corvette Stingray

Q: I want to put a fuel injected LS1 engine into my 1975 Corvette Stingray. The car has a 4-speed transmission, air conditioning, power brakes, and power steering. Can you […]

2002 z28 camaro
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Mailbag: An Easy Way to Make 500HP in an LS1-Powered 2002 Camaro Z28

Q: I want to get 450-500 horsepower out of my 2002 Chevy Camaro Z28. My car already has an 80mm BBK throttle body, a Granatelli mass airflow sensor, an SLP […]

GM LS1 Upgrade Guide, LS Engine Performance
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LS1 Engine Upgrade Guide: Expert Advice for LS1 Mods to Maximize Performance

[Editor’s Note: This LS1 engine upgrade guide is the first in a series of LS engine upgrade guides assembled by a team of LS experts at Summit Racing. The LS1 engine […]

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LS Engine Spotter’s Guide, Part 1: Matching the Vehicle to the Engine

So, you’re heading to the junkyard to see what LS engines are available for your next project? Here’s a handy guide that links specific GM vehicles to the LS-series engine […]

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Reborn: Jeff and Trish Melnichenko’s 1957 Chevy Bel Air

In 1957, the Chevy Bel Air was one of the sharpest vehicles to hit the showroom floor. It boasted many sought-after options, including a 283 cubic inch engine with a […]