[Image: 2002ChevroletCamaroSS by Rich Niewiroski Jr., | CC BY 2.5 ]

Q: I want to get 450-500 horsepower out of my 2002 Chevy Camaro Z28.

My car already has an 80mm BBK throttle body, a Granatelli mass airflow sensor, an SLP LS1 airbox with K&N filter, and a Flowmaster American Thunder exhaust system. I’ve thought about installing a new camshaft, cylinder heads, intake manifold, and a nitrous system.

What combination of parts will give me the power output I want and still keep it a daily driver?

A: You definitely picked a good ride for adding performance accessories. There are a ton of power-building components to choose from for the LS1 engine. To get the biggest bang for you buck, I’d suggest a Trick Flow GenX Top-End Engine Kit—it includes a pair of GenX Street/Strip cylinder heads, a matched Trick Flow camshaft, Trick Flow heat-treated chromoly pushrods, and Harland Sharp roller rocker arms, plus GM Performance Parts gaskets and bolts. It has everything you need to transform your LS1 Camaro into a 500-hp street machine!

Make sure you also pick up a computer programmer or performance chip so that your Camaro’s ECM can compensate for the massive power gains generated by the Trick Flow kit.

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