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The Straight Pipes Cheap Car Challenge 1987 Ford Mustang GT: No So Cheap Any More

Jakub Wrobel has a dream job. He gets to drive new vehicles with his pal Yuri Tereshyn and post reviews on their YouTube Channel, The Straight Pipes. When they’re not […]

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Parts Bin: Stiffen Your Fox Body Mustang’s Chassis for Better Handling, with Help from Detroit Speed

The Fox Body (1979 to 1993) Ford Mustang has been the go-to choice for racers for decades now—but when you start adding power and tossing it into corners, you’ll probably […]


Parts Bin: AutoMeter Highlights InVision Gauge for Fox Body Mustangs

To the delight of its many fans and the chagrin of its many detractors, the Fox body Ford Mustang continues to endure as a true muscle car icon. Over its […]

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Summit Racing’s Bolt-on Mustang Subframe Connectors are Inexpensive Way to Stiffen Chassis

If you jump out of your old Mustang and into a newer one, the first thing you’ll notice is how much stiffer the chassis is. The suspension can be tuned […]