Installing Detroit Speed’s Fox Body Exo Brace is a pretty straightforward affair. Watch the video below and see for yourself. (Image/Detroit Speed’s YouTube Channel)

The Fox Body (1979 to 1993) Ford Mustang has been the go-to choice for racers for decades now—but when you start adding power and tossing it into corners, you’ll probably want to strengthen the body to mitigate chassis flex.

To that end, the folks over at Detroit Speed offer a few solutions.

First up, there’s Detroit Speed’s Subframe Connectors for 1979-93 Ford Mustangs. They link the front and rear frame rails to greatly improve body stiffness—without any impact on ground clearance. Even better, the connectors strengthen the front seat mounting brackets while reinforcing the torque box and lower link.

Then, there are Detroit Speed’s Exo Braces. Anyone who’s ever built a Fox Body race car will tell you that the factory torque boxes should be reinforced, elsewise they could be ripped from the body. The Exo Brace ties the link pockets into the frame and floor pan on both sides, and connects the two boxes side-to-side with a telescoping feature. It’s a bolt-on kit, yet you can weld it in for additional strength too.

Want to go all-in on chassis reinforcements? Detroit Speed bundles its subframe connectors and EXO Braces together in its Fox Chassis Stiffening Kits.

You can opt for an Exo Brace (upper left), the subframe connectors (lower right), or get ’em both together in a Detroit Speed Fox Chassis Strengthening Kit. (Image/Summit Racing)

Want to see what’s involved for installation? Detroit Speed has a pair of detailed walkthrough videos. Check them out below:

Detroit Speed Subframe Connectors for Fox Body Ford Mustang Install Walkthrough

Detroit Speed Exo Brace for Fox Body Ford Mustang Install Walkthrough