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Mailbag: Are Detroit TrueTrac Differentials Compatible with Factory Electronic Traction Control Systems?

Q. I want to improve my Ford F-150’s off-road performance by adding Eaton Detroit Truetrac differentials front and rear. Are these differentials compatible with my factory electronic traction control system, […]

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How to Install a LubeLocker Differential Cover Gasket

OK, so this walkthrough of how to install a LubeLocker differential cover gasket is going to be pretty short. But…that’s basically the whole point. That’s because anyone’s who’s fiddled with […]

GM Differential Ring Pinion Size Measurements
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Mailbag: How to Identify GM Differential Carriers

Q: I have a 1970 El Camino with a 12-bolt differential and 4.11:1 ring and pinion. I’m not sure if it’s the original gear ratio, but I want to change […]

Video: Identifying Noise from an Automatic Locker Differential
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Video: Identifying Noise from an Automatic Locker Differential

Anyone who has ever driven a performance car or truck with a locking differential will tell you that there are distinctive noises that come with its operation. Normally, this is […]

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Video: Guide to Eaton and Detroit Locker Differentials

Eaton and Detroit Locker are among the biggest names in the world of high performance differential carriers. Now owned by Eaton, Detroit Locker is practically synonymous with locking differentials. And the word […]

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Quick Guide to Diagnosing Differential & Driveline Noises

We don’t know which sounds worse—car guys singing show tunes in the shower or a howling differential. While there is no help for our singing, we can help you diagnose […]