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Video: Guide to Eaton and Detroit Locker Differentials

Eaton and Detroit Locker are among the biggest names in the world of high performance differential carriers. Now owned by Eaton, Detroit Locker is practically synonymous with locking differentials. And the word “Positraction” is actually a reference to the original limited-slip differentials produced by Eaton for U.S. OEMs.

The question is, which Eaton or Detroit Locker differential is right for you?

In this video tutorial, Jeff Saxton of Eaton Performance Differentials provides an excellent overview of the company’s top differential options. It includes a look at the renowned Eaton Posi unit, the Detroit TrueTrac, the famous Detroit Locker, and the versatile E-Locker. See what puts each of these differentials at the top of their class and learn which one best applies to your application.


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