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Mailbag: Choosing a New Clutch After Adding Power to Street-Strip Gen5 Camaro

Q: I am getting ready to add a supercharger, cylinder heads, and a hotter camshaft to my 2012 Chevy Camaro SS. It’s my daily driver that I also autocross and […]

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Failure to Clutch: When the Going Gets Tough, A Twin-Disc Clutch Just May Be Your Answer

When a clutch fails, the damage can manifest itself in a number of ways. Sometimes you feel the power taper off at the top-end of the rpm band during a full-throttle blast. […]

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Clutch Performer: Increasing Your 2011-13 V6 Mustang’s Torque Capacity with a Clutch Upgrade

Modern V6 Mustangs (2011-2013) are 150 pounds lighter than their V8 counterparts, making them more agile than the heavier V8 models which have 15 percent more moving engine parts. In standard […]

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Clutch Tips, Troubleshooting & FAQs from the Experts

Rowing gears with a manual transmission is lots of fun, especially in a lightweight car with way too much horsepower. But when the gears start crunching and the clutch pedal […]