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Parts Bin: Easily Upgrade Your Factory Axles with TEN Factory Axle Shaft Kits

When you start adding bigger tires or creating a lot of horsepower, don’t overlook the importance of an axle upgrade as well—many track days and trail rides have been cut […]

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Project GP (Part 1): Installing New Gears, Suspension and Tires on our Jeep LJ/TJ Project

Sixty-some years ago, before our favorite four-wheel-drive vehicle earned the name Jeep, the Army’s 4WD ¼-ton scout vehicle was given the designation of “GP” for General Purpose vehicle. It was given this […]

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Axle Tech: Why and How To Upgrade Your Stock GM 12-Bolt Axles (and More)

[All images/Jeff Smith] Axles aren’t usually a topic of great discussion—until one fails or otherwise needs replacing. If you think about these overlooked components, they are often severely abused and […]

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Quick Guide to Diagnosing Differential & Driveline Noises

We don’t know which sounds worse—car guys singing show tunes in the shower or a howling differential. While there is no help for our singing, we can help you diagnose […]