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On the Level: Installing a ReadyLift Leveling Kit on a Silverado 2500HD

Sometimes you don’t need a full-on suspension lift kit for your truck. Maybe you want to retain your truck’s towing abilities, keep a reasonable step-in height, or just don’t have […]

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Let ‘er RIPP: The Hows and Whys of Installing a RIPP Supercharger on a 2012-14 Jeep JK

We know what you might be thinking: “A supercharger for a Jeep? Why?” Fact is a 2012-14 3.6L Pentastar-powered Unlimited only makes about 189 horsepower at the wheels from the factory. […]

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Pump it Up! Installing a Pair of VIAIR Compressors to Keep Your Tires Aired up Forever

An on-board air compressor system can be a very comforting accessory. It can pump up your tires, run air tools, and keep your friends’ tires up as well. However, it can […]

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Braking News: Installing a Summit Racing Rear Disc Brake Conversion

Drum brakes have their place—just not on any kind of performance car that’s driven with enthusiasm. In our experience, drum brakes are good for one and perhaps two aggressive stomps […]

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Installing an OR-FAB HD Front Winch Bumper on a Jeep Cherokee XJ

Adding a winch to your 1984-2001 Jeep Cherokee XJ is a great upgrade that provides a means of recovery and enhances the appearance of the vehicle. Many Jeep XJ owners […]

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Blown Opportunity: We Install and Dyno a Magnuson Blower and Trick Flow Heads on an LS3 Corvette

Not getting enough from your LS3-equipped C6? Recently get your doors blown off by a Z06 or ZR1? Just want to give your Corvette a serious custom touch? Magnuson Superchargers […]

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Comfort Zone: Rehabbing a CJ-7’s Tired Old Interior

Just like suspension components and tires, a Jeep’s interior will begin to wear eventually–especially after years of off-roading on rugged trails. Take this 1982 Jeep CJ-7, for example. The Bestop seats […]

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Starting Line: Installing a Summit Racing Protorque Starter on a Ford F-150

Gear reduction mini starters are common in the hot rod world, where high compression engines need all the help they can get to light off. Those of us with 4x4s […]

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Video 101: How to Install a Timing Chain

They say timing is everything. But it’s particularly important when building your engine. Watch this Summit Racing Quick Flicks video and learn how to install a timing chain and gear […]

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Easy Lift: Installing a Daystar Lift Kit on a Jeep JK

In our opinion, Jeep should include a three-inch lift and 33-inch tires in the JK Wrangler Rubicon option package. After all, this package already includes a heavier-duty transfer case with 4:1 low […]