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A former editor of Truckin’ and Trailer Life magazines, and tech editor of Four Wheeler, Petersen’s 4-Wheel & Off-Road, and Family Motor Coaching magazines, Jim Brightly is now a semi-retired photojournalist living, writing, and wheeling in northern Arizona. He’s been building and wheeling Jeeps for more than fifty years.

The kit mounts to the Jeep’s frame rail behind the rear differential.
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Stabilizing a Jeep Wrangler Coil Spring/Control Arm Suspension to Avoid ‘Death Wobble’

If you are a mall crawler—a Jeeper who never takes your Jeep to the rocks, wash-outs, and shale hills that make for exciting wheeling; you needn’t read further. Your Jeep’s […]

Three pairs of LED lights and one overhead light bar look good on the Jeep and light the highway and the trail or dunes with nearly 33,000 candlepower (not including the headlights).
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Installing Rigid Industries Auxiliary LED Lights on a Jeep Wrangler Off-Roader (with Photos)

As we get older, our eyes age right along with our other muscles. We can enhance our muscles with exercise and better tools, but other than wearing glasses, we can’t […]

Front rotor, pad, and caliper in place.
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Slow Your Roll: Upgrading Your Jeep Brake System for Better Stopping Power

You’ve increased your Jeep’s tire size for improved ground clearance, and then you lowered its gear ratio to take advantage of the taller tires. But now, with the taller tires […]

George laid out all the panels on the Jeep’s hood until he could figure out where each panel went.
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Panel Protection: Adding Brush Protection with Rugged Ridge Magnetic Body Protectors

When we get a new Jeep—at least “new” to us—or an actual brand-new off-the-showroom-floor Wrangler, we want to keep it as pristine for as long as we can. But how […]

We would not even think about trying this 6-foot near vertical waterfall before the lift. It popped over the lip with just a bit of a blip of gas.
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Project GP (Part 1): Installing New Gears, Suspension and Tires on our Jeep LJ/TJ Project

Sixty-some years ago, before our favorite four-wheel-drive vehicle earned the name Jeep, the Army’s 4WD ¼-ton scout vehicle was given the designation of “GP” for General Purpose vehicle. It was given this […]

If you don’t have a hoist, you’ll need at least two people—and probably a third—to position the front bumper and bolt it into place.
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Bumper Booster: Installing Smittybilt XRC Steel Bumpers on a Jeep Cherokee XJ

When building a daily driver for an avid off-roader, who also happens to be a high school student in Southern California, there are a some unique challenges you need to consider. […]

Use the proper spindle nut socket and torque the inner locking nut to 50-ft.-lb. After torqueing the nut, rotate the rotor in both directions to assist in seating the bearings, then loosen the nut a quarter-turn to release some pressure on the bearings.
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Dana 30 Hub Conversion: Installing an Alloy USA Manual Locking Hub Conversion Kit

When Mike Barnes bought new tires for his 1997 Jeep Cherokee, he had no idea that the increased traction of the Yokohama Geolandar M/T tires might cause a weak link […]

It’s mounted and ready to hook up. Some states no longer allow a tow bar to be mounted and secured upright while driving the Jeep on roads and highways, so I remove it for storage between trips.
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Flat Towing Tech: The Hows and Whys of Installing a Tow Bar

It’s time to hit the highway for a little summer adventure. Our getaways often include four-wheeling on new and distant trails, and that means towing our Jeep behind a motorhome or some other tow […]

With the top folded back, it’s just like being lidless. However, should the weather turn bad, it can quickly be folded back into place for warmth, comfort, and security.
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Trektop How-To: Installing a Bestop Trektop NX Soft Top

Every once in a while a product comes along that’s not only good for your vehicle and good for your comfort, but is also somewhat easy to install. It’s rare […]

The new rubber grease caps are extremely stiff so it’ll take some muscle to push enough threads through to catch the castle nuts.
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As the Wrangler Turns: How and Why to Upgrade Your Jeep’s Steering with Heavy-Duty Components

It’s much more difficult to bend a strong straight shaft than a strong bent shaft. That’s the reasoning for replacing your curved OEM Jeep tie rod with a straight tie rod […]