As the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers.

But wet, rainy weather also brings some driving hazards—and that’s true regardless of the month.

So properly inspecting your windshield wipers is an essential component of regular car care and maintenance.

That’s why were were excited to come across this quick video from our pals over at Covercraft. While Covercraft specializes in stuff like top-quality seat covers and floor mats, its team knows an awful lot about regular vehicle maintenance too.

man inspecting windshield wiper blade
(Image/The Covercraft YouTube Channel)

To that end, the Covercraft folks put together this short video on how to inspect your windshield wipers for damage—so you can grab good replacement windshield wipers before you drive into a thunderstorm on the interstate.

Better yet, you’ll see some handy maintenance tips to pull the most life and best performance out of your wipers.

And the whole video is less than three minutes long, so it’s an easy watch to make sure you’re ready for when it really, really pours.

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