Ever accidentally left the window down on your classic car or truck during a random pop-up rain shower?

Yeah, us too.

The usual result is an unsightly water stain or blemish—and the problem is twofold.

For starters, how do you remove the stain. But secondly, how do you remove the stain without damaging the vintage fabric seat material of your classic car or truck.

No worries, because the car detailing professionals with Malco Automotive Products have plenty of experience dealing with this issue, so they know exactly how to clean up the stain—without wrecking your classic interior in the process.

using a brush to remove stain from a vintage car seat
(Image/The Malco Automotive Products YouTube Channel)

And if you’ve ever wrestled with removing pesky water stains in your old cloth seats before, you know the process isn’t as straightforward as you might think. There’s a delicate dance of proper techniques mixed with the use of the right interior cleaning products.

This video will show you all of that stuff and, more importantly, it’ll give you some good tactics to preventing water stains in the future—win, win.

And it’s only about four minutes long too, so it’s definitely worth the watch if you’ve got a vintage ride with a classic cloth interior.