Every year, we wait like giddy school children in anticipation of the annual Easter Jeep Safari concept vehicles. It’s a magical time, when the Jeep engineering teams develop a caravan of wild, groundbreaking concepts—some are throwbacks, some are futuristic—but they are all equally delightful.

And lo and behold, the 2024 lineup of EJS concepts carries on that tradition, so let’s take a closer look at them.

Jeep Low Down

2024 Jeep® Low Down Concept for easter jeep safari

Either the Jeep folks are big Boz Scaggs fans (who isn’t, right?), or the name Low Down refers to the stock ride height on this particular concept. Yup, Jeep engineers were able to stuff massive 42 inch BFGoodrich tires under a Wrangler—without the need for a suspension lift.

transparent hood and engine bay of jeep low down concept 2024

The end result is a Jeep Wrangler that almost looks like it’s squatting down on the trail, giving the rig plenty of stability while offering significantly improved ground clearance, and breakover and departure angles.

The Low Down is powered by a 392 Hemi V8 sending oomph to a pair of Dana 60 axles—to quote the aforementioned Scaggs, “[this] baby’s into running around.”

Jeep High Top

2024 Jeep® Gladiator Rubicon High Top easter jeep Concept

In contrast to the Low Down, the 2024 High Top concept gets pumped up with an AccuAir Air Suspension. Based on a JT Gladiator Rubicon, the truck features a handy DECKED truck bed storage system out back too. High Top rolls on a set of 18 inch KMC Beadlock Wheels wrapped in 40 inch BFG rubber.

2024 jeep gladiator high top concept driving in sand

Our favorite part? That paint job—a shade that Jeep calls Ginger Snap metallic. *Chef’s Kiss*

Jeep Vacationeer 

2024 Jeep® Vacationeer Concept with rooftop shelter deployed

With its rooftop shelter deployed, it’s easy to see why this one got the name “Vactioneer.”

The Wagoneer-derived overlanding rig features a RedTail Overland Skyloft covered in solar panels. Look closer and you’ll see a winch tucked behind the bumper, along with a set of nifty Method Race Wheels.

2024 Jeep® Vacationeer Concept front

It’s riding on a 1.5 inch lift and has some subtle fender flares molded into the body. And yeah, the Vacationeer is packing that new twin-turbo Hurricane six under the hood.

Jeep Willys Dispatcher

2024 Jeep® Willys Dispatcher Concept

OK, shut up and take our money, Jeep.

For starters, white painted steelies look good on eeeeeverything. Toss in a vintage Warn Winch and an embossed WILLYS on the hood, and the Dispatcher is our favorite out of the 2024 crop of Easter Jeep Safari concept vehicles.

2024 Jeep® Willys Dispatcher Concept rear

The name itself hearkens back to the two-wheel drive DJs—which you may know better as Mail Jeeps—but this Dispatcher is powered by the familiar 4xe plug-in hybrid drivetrain.

Fancy hybrid tech is a wickedly retro wrapper. Obligatory.


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