The Toyota Tacoma has quietly built a well-earned reputation for ruggedness and versatility over the last few decades. And that reputation is why the Summit Racing folks selected a Toyota Tacoma as the star of its Project Wayfinder build series.

See the official Project Wayfinder page at for complete details on the build.

Over the course of several episodes, the Summit Racing tech team is upgrading a Tacoma into an all-around performer, tailored to suit the needs of the outdoor enthusiast. Whether that’s fishing, hunting, boating, biking, or beyond, when Project Wayfinder is finished, it’ll be an extremely capable off-road rig ready to carry you on your next adventure.

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Part 6, Off-Roading Tools & Gear

With all the hubbub surrounding the actual build in the Project Wayfinder series, it’s easy to overlook all the OTHER stuff you’ll need to bring on an overlanding or off-road expedition. We’re talking things like tools and amenities to ensure your next adventure is a safe and enjoyable one.

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To that end, the Summit Racing team invited an expert from Milwaukee Tools into the studio to talk all about some often overlooked—yet downright critical—tools and pieces of gear you’ll need to take on your journey. (Better still, you’ll see some nifty ways to store it all safely too.)

Even if you’re an experienced off-roader, give this video a watch, as it has some new and unique tools that may help on your next trail ride or camping trip.

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