When the automotive radio DIN standard showed up in the 1980s, it quickly established a common size for vehicle stereo head units—which also summarily led to an influx of bangin’ aftermarket CD players and tape decks.

That also meant that scores of old cars and trucks got a 2 x 7 inch hole hastily cut into their dash to accommodate those aforementioned DIN-size stereos.

No one really cared about cutting up the interior of a humdrum old car back then—but fast forward to today and many of those vintage rides are now considered “classics.” As a result, many folks want to return that hacked-up dash back to its stock look.

Normally repairing that big honkin’ DIN hole would mean finding an original or reproduction dash, which can be a difficult and/or expensive endeavor (or downright impossible, depending on your vehicle).

But the fine folks over at RetroSound have a more practical alternative with their DIN Repair Kit. It allows you to mount one of RetroSound’s own radios in that DIN hole and conceal the gaps—it won’t be 100 percent original, but it’ll be pretty darn close.

And better still, RetroSound Car Radios may look vintage, but they’re packed with modern car audio tech that your OE Delco, Motorola, or Philco radio never had—we’re talking features like stereo sound, Bluetooth connectivity, and USB ports.

See one get installed in an old Ford truck in this video and you’ll see how well to does the job of mending a sliced up dash.

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